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How to Store Jewelry

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How to Store Jewelry

Does getting ready to go out involve a dance of rummaging, digging, and untangling various chains and earrings? Have you started tacking on an extra 15 minutes just so you can find the perfect pieces to wear?

We’ve all been there.

If you don’t have a good storage solution, it’s hard to really enjoy your jewelry. Jewelry should be easy to access when you need it, and beautiful to look at when you don’t. 

Let’s talk about how to store your jewelry (and say goodbye to tangles while you’re at it).

How to Store Your Everyday Jewelry

Your everyday jewelry needs to be on display and easy to see. You need a grab-and-go situation, with a touch of elegance.

Girl wearing bracelets and rings

Here’s how to make it happen:

Vanity or Free Countertop Space:

  • Treat yourself to a pretty ring dish or jewelry stand
  • Store rings and studs earrings in the dish, and drape necklaces, bracelets, and dangles on the stand — one item per peg. 
  • If you run out of space on the stand, you can also drape earring hooks over the edge of your ring dish or bowl. 
  • Miniature cloth busts are a fun alternative to traditional jewelry stands. You can drape your necklaces around the neck. Depending on how sharp your earring posts are, you can stick them in like thumbtacks, or buy a simple chain to go around the neck to hang them off of. 

Drawer Space:

  • If you’ll be using drawer space, grab a couple of jewelry containers to organize a makeshift jewelry area. 
  • Decorative boxes, drawer dividers, and jewelry dishes are all good options. 
  • Unless you can dedicate the entire drawer for your jewelry, it might be tough to keep things from moving around. 
  • For a two-in-one solution, use Roam Often’s The Wanderer to store your everyday jewelry. This travel jewelry case prevents damage and keeps your jewelry together — no matter how cramped or messy the rest of your drawer is! Plus, it features a pretty pattern interior that’s nice to look at whenever you open it up. 

Take The Wanderer with you when you leave the house, so you can switch out your look for happy hour, or keep your jewelry safe from the humidity of the yoga room after work.

Girl at beach holding jewelry travel case

How to Store Your "Depends-On-the-Outfit" Jewelry

Outfit-specific jewelry needs to be just as easy to see and organized. Since you won’t be wearing it on the daily, it needs to be visible enough to remind you of its presence when you need it!

You have a few options for storing your outfit-specific jewelry. Choose whichever makes the most sense for you. 

  • By style: Separate your bracelets (chunky vs. beaded), earrings (hoops vs. studs vs. long dangles), necklaces (multichain vs. statement pieces), and rings
  • By color: If you love the color-coordinated feel of Forever 21, this method is for you. It makes it easy to mix and match to complement what you're wearing.
  • By set: Do you have a few sets that you love to wear together? Keep them organized that way for easy selection. 

You’ll likely need more room for storing this jewelry than you did for your everyday items. We recommend an over-the-door jewelry organizer. These have pouches and hooks where you can see everything clearly, and they’re super convenient for placing inside your closet — so you can pick your jewelry along with your outfit! 

If that’s not going to work, use an extra drawer. Again, containers are your friend here. Unless you absolutely love staring at these pieces, don’t waste limited vanity or counter space on them. Volume quickly turns into clutter. Before you know it, you’ve transformed your organized bedroom into a haphazard thrift store. Opt for more containers vs. less. Your goal is to instantly see something and pick it up, not just have fewer spaces to rummage amongst. 

Girl wearing expensive jewelry

How to Store Your Expensive Jewelry

As you might expect, fine jewelry requires a bit more TLC. 

For one thing, you can’t just store it anywhere. Keep your precious gems and metals out of the bathroom, or anywhere with extreme temperatures (like right below an open window). Fine jewelry should be stored at room temperature, away from direct sunlight, and ideally somewhere with low humidity to avoid tarnishing silver.

Multi-level jewelry boxes with drawers and dividers are good for storing expensive jewelry and protecting it from dust. These should be lined with fabric so your jewelry can rest gently, and you can toss it in without worrying about damaging it. 

Regularly clean your jewelry using jewelry cleaner, and store it with other, clean jewelry, in a clean area. Yes, we meant to repeat the word clean that often. You don’t want to keep your costume jewelry or other items where you’re less likely to notice tarnish, in the same area as your clean, fine jewelry. Corrosion can affect the air and likewise, your jewelry. 

Silver jewelry is the most susceptible to tarnish. Keep silver earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings neatly organized and not touching each other, in a space with plenty of airflow. 

Finally, keep your gemstones separate. Depending on their hardness, gems can scratch your other jewels. Keep yours organized using a ring pad, or in separate slots on a fabric-lined tray.

Roam often, stay stylish.

How to Store Jewelry

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