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The Travelista - Travel Scarf


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Fashionista + Travel = The Travelista, this stylish scarf is calling your name. 

Scarfs, scarfs, scarfs - As a world traveler, you probably have a number of these in your closet. But we guarantee you don’t have one like this. The Travelista was designed to be the perfect combination of style, comfort, and functionality. Its large size keeps you cozy during your travels and doubles-up as a blanket during long airplane flights. Say goodbye to those questionable blankets provided by the airlines (we’ve heard some stories).

Woven from anti-static material, this soft scarf is the ideal travel companion for any venture. And with light and dark color options, its modern design is sure to match any stylish outfit you have in your closet. Pair it with a coat, jacket, or even your go-to comfort outfit (like a sweater and yoga pants). It’s lightweight to throw on for any destination, whether it’s rainy London or vibrant Tokyo. Strut yourself like the true Travelista you are.

Product Features and Details
  • Measurements: . The ideal size for any wrist!
  • Features a sleek groove for one hair tie - Elevate your style and always be secretly prepared for any “hair-y” situation
  • Made of light-weight Stainless Steel to last (No rust or corrosion; it’s resilient and light for easy packing)
  • Engraved with the mantra of “Roam Often,” as a beautiful reminder to do just that!
Return Policy
  • You can return or exchange your item 30 days after it is received for any reason with proof of purchase, packaging intact, and all items included. 
  • Customer is responsible for return shipping costs.
  • To initiate a return or exchange, simply email for return/exchange authorization instructions.
Care Instructions
  • The Lift is made from Stainless Steel, and may need a little cleaning every now and then. 
  • Clean with some warm water and mild dishwashing soap. 
  • You can use a slightly-damp lint-free cloth to wipe; be sure to rub the item along it’s polish lines for best results.
  • Dry with a dry, lint-free cloth