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What to Wear in Vegas

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What to Wear in Vegas

A packing list for Vegas looks a lot different than for any other trip. You’ll have your sleep mask, your hangover cures, and your glitter eye makeup.

But what are you going to wear?

Whether you’re planning to party at the pool, see the shows, or dance the night away, we’ve got your Vegas-style guide right here. Read below or watch the video for even more Vegas inspo.

Daytime looks for Vegas

Vegas brings the heat, especially during summer vacations. Your daytime looks for Vegas largely depend on the activity, but you’ll want to stay cool. Here are some options for looking hot figuratively rather than literally, no matter what you're doing.

What to wear to a Vegas pool party

Cute swimwear and a coverup to go with: these are your essentials for a Vegas pool party (along with ample sunscreen and a sun hat). 

If you’re planning to brave one of the notorious pool parties, be warned that women look their absolute best. To paraphrase Missy Elliott, they got a pedicure and their hair did. These ladies will be wearing full makeup like there isn't a pool a few feet away. 

Vegas pool parties are more about looking like you’re going to the pool, rather than actually doing so. Envision your favorite nightclub, but by the pool during the daytime. That’s a Vegas pool party. It’s a fun atmosphere for dancing, with bumping music and true party vibes.

Pool outfit ideas for Vegas

Now, if you want to actually go to the pool, you’ll want to skip the pool parties with their long lines and swimwear-inspired club attire. Instead, head to your local hotel pool. These are family-friendly places where you can lounge and get in your shut-eye and sunbathing at the same time (both of which you’ll need!). 

You can wear the same cute swimsuit and coverup you’d wear to the pool party, but maybe without the stilettos and full makeup and hair. Don’t worry about styling yourself; just enjoy your time at the pool!

What to wear when walking the Vegas Strip

Walking the Strip is fun, and not just because the hotels and street entertainers are fascinating to see. You can legally walk around Vegas with a drink in your hand, as long as it’s in a plastic cup. So ask your bartender for a travel-ready cup and get ready to hit the Strip.

Remember, Vegas is HOT. Since you won’t have a pool to cool you down, make sure you dress in something airy and breezy. A flowy skirt, shorts, or a romper are all good looks, paired with a strappy tank or crop top. 

Since you’ll be walking, bring sandals, sneakers, or flats you’ve worn before and know to be comfortable. You’re going for tipsy, not trippy. 

Girls in a club in Las VegasNighttime looks for Vegas

Vegas cools down at night without the baking sun, but it’s still warm—unless you’re visiting during the winter. Here’s what we recommend for wearing around Vegas at night:

What to wear to Vegas restaurants

Vegas restaurants are fancy and famous. They offer gourmet cuisine cooked up by the world’s best chefs. 

You’ll feel better in more formal attire like a dress or romper with heels—especially since you might be heading to see a show or go clubbing afterward. So, you might want to dress in an outfit that works for both! 

Club outfits for Vegas

This is what you came for! Clubbing is very next-level in Vegas. You can wear whatever you like, but we encourage you to bust out your ultimate clubbing looks. Think something you’d wear on New Year’s Eve, not just your typical Saturday night. 

Sequins, feathers, neon colors, and flashy attire is not taboo in Vegas. In fact, it's practically required! Or, you can go for more sleek and sexy, with a tight-fitting jumpsuit or lacy LBD. Wear your heels out, but always, always pack flats in your purse (these will save your life).

What to wear to Vegas casinos

Las Vegas Casino outfitsVegas casinos are world-class, so dress like it for fun! This is your chance to live your fantasy as a Bond girl! Wear something extra and elegant: a long, sequined gown with heels and jewelry to match. You'll feel like a star as you play your hand at the craps table.

Outfit ideas for Vegas concerts

From Thunder Down Under to Phantom of the Opera, Vegas is entertaining, baby. Leave your jeans for the concerts back home. For Vegas shows, wear something that transitions nicely from the restaurant to the show and the club after. 

Vegas theater-goers dress in cocktail attire, just like on Broadway. Wear your favorite cocktail dress, formal gown, or a cute top with your boldest pants. Complete the look with show-stopping heels.

Dressing for a Vegas work trip

Las Vegas hosts a ton of conferences and events, and you may find yourself there for work. Don’t worry: you can still have fun and look gorgeous! 

Pack business attire that inspires confidence and professionalism, but most of all, helps you stay flexible. On a work trip, you may go straight from the conference to a stroll on the Strip with your coworkers, and back again for dinner—without the chance to head back to your room for an outfit change. 

A stylish cardigan, or a pair of flats in your purse, can be secret weapons here. Conference floors can be chilly, and you’ll be on your feet all day. Stay cool with a skirt and blouse combo, or a breathable dress. Don’t forget a fitted blazer to show you mean business.

Outfit ideas for any Vegas trip

No matter what takes you to Vegas, we’ll leave you with one outfit every Vegas-goer needs. Pack at least one comfy outfit for the day you will be traveling home. Indulge in your baggy sweats, stretchy yoga pants, or oversized t-shirt. And don’t forget plush socks. The trip may be over, but your feet will still be feeling it.

Not quite sure what your Vegas itinerary holds? When in doubt, pack on the fancier side and throw in at least one stylish swimsuit-plus-coverup look. You’ll be ready for any event! 

Finally, don’t forget your Roam Often travel jewelry case. Jewelry can take an outfit from day to night, and transform your look from basic to iconic. You can pack light on clothing, but bring all the jewelry you need!

Meet the Wanderer - jewelry travel case

Roam often, stay stylish.

And here's a fantastic infographic on What to Wear in Vegas for even more ideas!

What to Wear in Las Vegas Infographic

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