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Popular Summer Time Hairstyle Ideas

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Popular Summer Time Hairstyle Ideas

As the sun gets hotter and the days lengthen, relaxed summer vibes call for an update to not only our wardrobes but our hairdos. This summer, it’s all about effortless charm with a touch of spirited whimsy. That being said, let’s dive into the trendiest hairstyles that dominate the sun-soaked months.

1. Elevated Ponytail

This chic and sleek hairstyle is a favorite, often associated with summer since it makes it easy to tame long locks in the heat. In the last year or two, the elevated ponytail has gotten an elevated twist. Think high, tight, and sleek at the top, and voluminous waves at the bottom. If you’re feeling a bit bold, wrap a strand of hair around the base of the ponytail and secure it with a pin. This hairstyle blends practicality with sophistication.

Elevated Ponytail


2. Braided Crowns

Braided crowns are making a comeback and ruling the style realm this summer. This hairstyle, often seen at festivals, is now making its way into everyday fashion. Whether you opt for a delicate, single braid or a full, double-braided halo, this style will definitely make you feel like royalty. Don’t forget to pull out a few strands to frame your face and add that carefree summer vibe!

Braided Crowns


3. Beach Waves

The embodiment of summer, beach waves never go out of style. Nowadays, this classic look is all about enhancing your natural hair texture. It’s a slightly messy, yet undeniably chic style that’s ideal for all hair lengths. Achieving this look is as easy as applying a sea salt spray to damp hair, scrunching, and letting it air-dry. Say hello to those sun-kissed, salty waves!

Beach Waves


4. Bob with a Twist

Are you a short hair girl or looking to make the cut? You’re in luck because the bob is back with a vengeance, but this time with a playful twist. Think uneven ends, soft layers, and maybe even a pop (or all-over) color. The bob, already a low-maintenance style, is now more fun and suited for summer than ever. Try it with a side part to give the look some modern edge.

Bob with a Twist


5. Headscarves and Hair Accessories

Hair accessories are the ultimate game-changers. Headscarves have seen a big resurgence, doubling as both a protective measure for your hair against the sun and a fashion-forward statement. Knot it at the nape, tie it in a bow at the top, or weave it into your braids. The possibilities are endless and customizable. Hair clips, barrettes, and bands are also back on the scene, adding a sparkle of personality to any summer look.

Headscarves and Hair Accessories


6. Natural Afro

Natural hair continues to take center stage as more people embrace their innate beauty. From TWA (teeny weeny afro) to full and rounded, this summer encourages showcasing your natural texture. Play with hair accessories or part your afro to add an extra flair.

Natural Afro

Prepare Yourself for Summer

While these are some of the summer hairstyles creating waves, remember that the best style is one that makes you feel comfortable and confident. Summer is the perfect time to experiment and perhaps step out of your comfort zone. Make sure you’re always ready for a heat wave with The Lift Hair Ties that double as a fashion accessory. Grab your hair products, all your accessories, and let your hair do the talking this sunny season!

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