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Top 7 Midwest National Parks

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Top 7 Midwest National Parks

If you’re sick of cityscapes and suburban vibes, we feel ya. 

That’s why we rounded up our top lists of the best national parks to see in the West and the East. Today, we’re sharing our favorite Midwest national parks.

If you’re taking a road trip through the Midwest, here are seven stops you’ll want to make!


Girl Traveling in Theodore Roosevelt National Park

1. Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota

Named after the man who founded national parks, Theodore Roosevelt National Park is a worthy stop. Watch the sunset from Wind Canyon Trail, explore Peaceful Valley Ranch, and climb up Boicourt Trail. If you’re lucky, you might grab a glimpse of some roving horses or bison!

Instagrammable Spot: Head to Oxbow Overlook for an expansive view of the canyons. You’ll feel like you’re on top of the world.


Girl Traveling in Badlands National Park

2. Badlands National Park, South Dakota

This is the perfect national park to visit for anyone who’d prefer to take it all in… from the comfort of their car. Cruise Highway 240, aka Badlands Loop Road, for dazzling canyon views and incredible rock formations.

Instagrammable Spot: Anywhere inspiration strikes! Schedule your drive for sunrise or sunset for the most dramatic shot.

3. Scotts Bluff National Monument, Nebraska

This 800-foot-tall natural landmark served as a waymarker for Native Americans, pioneers, and even the Pony Express as they made their way westward.

Instagrammable Spot: Frame your photo with Mitchell Pass in the background. This “gateway to the West” looks impressive any time of day, but all the more so at sunset.


Girl Canoeing in Voyageurs National Park

4. Voyageurs National Park, Minnesota

Fishers, boaters, and lake lovers, this Midwest national park is for you. Voyageurs National Park boasts over 84,000 acres of freshwater for you to explore. The park is named after the French Canadian fur traders who paddled impressive lengths in canoes, so don a faux fur beaver hat and get in the spirit!

Instagrammable Spot: Take an action shot of you kayaking out on the water, or head inland for a photo among the forests.


Girl Traveling in Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore

5. Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, Michigan

As you walk along the dunes, you’ll see why they call the Great Lakes “great.” The Pyramid Point Trail, Sleeping Bear Point Trail, and Dune Climb all offer great views from up high, so choose whichever one fits your skill level.

Instagrammable Spot: Cap off a day’s hike with a selfie atop Empire Bluff and the entire lake behind you.

6. Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial, Indiana

Travel back in time to the days of Honest Abe. At Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial, you can see where our sixteenth president grew up and imagine his life in the early 1800s. Explore and learn as you hike trails and check out the museum and monuments. 

Instagrammable Spot: The Memorial Visitor Center provides an impressive curved backdrop of stone and sculpture, while the Living Historical Farm is a modern-day homestead that functions as it would in the 1800s — complete with period clothing, cabins, and more.


7. Pea Ridge National Military Park, Arkansas

This is a preserved Civil War battlefield that served as the place of some very somber moments in American history, including the Trail of Tears. It’s also where the historic Battle of Pea Ridge took place. 

Instagrammable Spot: The Elkhorn Tavern is a two-story wooden replica of the building that burned down during the battle. 

These happen to be our favorite national parks in the Midwest, but there are even more to explore. Get inspired with our Pinterest board!

Roam often, stay stylish.

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