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The Best Travel Accessories for Travelers Like You

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The Best Travel Accessories for Travelers Like You

Are you packing for an upcoming business trip or vacation? Women travelers like you often come to us because they’re looking for good, stylish, useful, and comfy travel accessories to bring with them on their next trip. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s our list of the best travel accessories for travelers like you.

A Travel Jewelry Case, And All The Jewelry to Go In It

Before you can think about what jewelry to bring with you on your next flight or road trip, you need a good travel jewelry case to hold and keep all your favorite jewelry. Depending on the length of your upcoming trip, travelers like you may need to bring multiple:

    • Earrings
    • Gemstone, fashion, and cocktail rings
    • Necklaces
    • Bracelets
    • Broaches
    • And more

In order to make sure your favorite accessories don't get tangled up - and are safe and secure in your purse, backpack, bag, or suitcase, you need to shop for the best travel jewelry case you can find. And at Roam Often, we have the perfect travel jewelry case for travelers like you.

The Wanderer is a cute, compact, and very useful travel jewelry case that can easily fit into any bag or piece of luggage you’re taking with you on your next trip. And when we say this travel jewelry case is useful, we mean it.

As global travelers ourselves, we designed this jewelry case with women like you in mind. The Wanderer includes the following features to secure your jewelry and keep it safe, wherever you roam:

    • An earring bar to hold your favorite studs or dangles
    • A ring loop for your favorite rings
    • A necklace pouch that keeps your best necklaces from getting tangled up when you’re traveling
    • A bracelet pocket for all your favorite arm candy
    • An extra pouch for anything else you want to protect while you’re packing for your next trip
The Wanderer Travel Jewelry Case - Travel Accessories


A Travel Blanket - Bonus Points if it Doubles as a Scarf

Whether you’ll be curling up in the backseat of your best friend’s car during a road trip, or flying on what’s certain to be a cold flight, you should always pack a blanket when you’re traveling. The only problem with this must-have travel accessory is that so many blankets - even small ones meant for a single person - are so big and bulky. With limited suitcase space, blankets are hard to pack.

At Roam Often, we’ve got the perfect blanket solution for travelers like you. The Travelista is a travel scarf that’s both stylish and useful. This comfy travel scarf is large in size and when you don’t have it wrapped around your neck, it doubles as a blanket! Best of yet, it’s also soft to the touch and super comfy, made of anti-static material, and is water repellant.

The Travelista is a versatile piece that is designed to work with most outfits that women like you wear. This useful travel scarf comes in two shades - light and dark - so it can work with any look you’ve got. 

The Travelista Travel Blanket Scarf - Travel Accessories


A Hairtie Bangle for When You Let Your Hair Down 

Women like you know that having a hairtie with you at all times is a must. After all, you never know when you want to pull your hair back into a ponytail or wrap a hairtie around a messy bun.

But what can you do with your hairtie when it’s not pulling back your hair? You definitely don’t want to keep it in your purse - it’s way too easy to get lost in there, especially when you’re traveling and likely have extra items in your purse like your passport, maps, tourist attraction brochures, plane tickets, and the like. And wearing your hairtie on your wrist just isn’t exactly comfy. Besides, as a stylish traveler, you want a better look than the hairtie-around-the-wrist look anyway.

Our hairtie bangle, The Lift, is the perfect solution for traveling with hairties. Coming in a set of three bangles (in silver, gold, and rose gold), The Lift is worn around your wrist at all times. It has an indent in it so that when you let your hair loose, you can easily put your hairtie in it for a comfy and stylish way to keep your hairtie within arm’s reach at all times. This hairtie bracelet is so useful, we receive orders from several women who aren’t necessarily buying it just for traveling purposes, but for everyday use, too!

The Lift Hairtie Bangle - Travel Accessories


Shop These Travel Accessories on Our Website

Whether you’ve got a flight or road trip coming up or you just want to be prepared the next time you’re going to travel, there’s no better time than today to shop these best travel accessories for business trips and vacations. We offer free shipping to all orders being shipped in the US. Go ahead, check out our travel accessories now!

Roam often, stay stylish.

Roam Often Travel Accessories

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Roam Often was founded by female travelers who decided to make products that make traveling easier while keeping you feeling confident and fashionable on-the-go. Here you'll find travel jewelry cases, travel scarves, hair tie bangles, and other travel accessories. We also feature various travel, fashion, and jewelry tips on our blog. Roam often, stay stylish!


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