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What to Wear in Savannah, GA

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What to Wear in Savannah, GA

With centuries under its belt, Savannah is one of the most historic cities in the South. On top of all the historic marvels, it’s also become an all-encompassing destination for shopping. From fashionable clothing to Savannah-made goods, you’ll find the perfect keepsakes to bring home with you. There are also parks, gardens, museums, and a variety of shows and festivals, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to dress up — and down!

Style Tips for Savannah, GA

When in Savannah, especially during the daytime, you’ll most likely be doing a lot of walking and site seeing. With that in mind, make sure you pack stylish and comfortable walking shoes. Light dresses, tops, and cotton shirts are all great go-to's to pack, as well as jean shorts and cotton shorts. If you plan on spending a lot of time outside, we suggest pairing any outfit with an adorable sun hat that can spruce up your outfit while keeping the sun out of your eyes. 

Girl standing in the grass with sun hat, wind blowing towards her

3 Outfit Inspirations for Savannah

During the spring and summer is the best time to visit Savannah. Between March and May, the weather is supreme, ranging from the 70s to 80s. The summer months of June and July can get pretty hot, reaching up to the 90s. If you enjoy the hot sun, then this is the time for you to go. No matter what your plan is in Savannah, we’ve got plenty of outfit inspirations to choose from below, as well as on our Pinterest board.

Savannah Outfit #1: Daytime Excursions

For the days when you’re trying to see all the historical sites and museums, we have a few outfit inspirations that are appropriate for a stroll along the waterfront, trolley tours, and museums like the Davenport House Museum. During the spring and summer, you can wear a pair of jean shorts paired with a cute, comfortable top. 

Savannah Outfit #2: Brunchin’ & Munchin’

You can’t visit Savannah without tasting some good southern cooking. From Michelin Star restaurants to casual eateries, Savannah has plenty of dining options to choose from. A floral print, flowy dress is the perfect option, whether you’re going to brunch or dinner.

Savannah Outfit #3: Night on the Town

Whether you want views of cobblestones or historic landmarks, Savannah has a variety of rooftop bars and restaurants to explore. You’d be surprised at how many rooftop oases are tucked away in the city. To stay comfortable while still looking fabulous, pick a matching top and skirt set.

After you pick out your outfits, the last thing to do before your trip to Savannah is pair them with your favorite jewelry pieces and accessories. When it’s time to pack, keep your jewelry safe, secure, and tangle-free, by storing them in a jewelry travel case.

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