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Coronavirus and Traveling - What Travelers Should Do

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Coronavirus and Traveling - What Travelers Should Do

The Coronavirus has up and done it - it's forced most of us to cancel travel plans, stay home, and daydream about the magical day when we can get back to adding stamps to our passports. 

Traveling is no longer considered a leisure activity - it's only for those who cannot find a way out of it. The CDC recommends traveling, only if you really have to and to exercise caution when doing so, like washing your hands for 20+ seconds with soap and warm water and by maintaining social distancing from others as much as possible.

Also, you should beware there are a number of countries with travel bans to limit the spread of the illness. 

Right now, the best thing you can do is: stay inside. 

So what does a traveler with a heart of wanderlust do inside ALL day and ALL night?

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What Travelers Can Do Inside

Keep in touch with loved ones no matter where they are.

Give your other quarantine friends a video call on FaceTime or What's App anytime to feel connected. This is a crazy world we are currently living in, so plenty to talk about!

Prep for future travel:

    1. Organize your travel bags by size or color. Replace old ones. There are a lot of deals happening right now.
    2. Clean your photography equipment.
    3. Research the best cities to visit in fall.
    4. Review and organize your travel outfits. Missing any key components, like an airplane scarf or a jewelry travel case? Order one now to get ready for future travel.
    5. Take a photography class and perfect your skills. We heart the courses at SLR Lounge, even their free ones.
    6. Take a virtual tour of a museum. These 12 museums offer virtual tours you can take without leaving your couch.

Enjoy the R&R time.

    1. Watch the best movies about travel on Netflix
    2. Catch up and listen to the best podcasts for travelers
    3. Create a playlist for your future travels. Here are the 50 Best Roadtrip Songs of All Time to get you inspired.
    4. Pick up that travel book you've been meaning to read for, like forever.

Get nostalgic.

    1. Review your photos from past travels and create photo albums or upload them to social to get those likes while everyone is stuck indoors.
    2. Create a travel blog and start journaling your past travel experiences and tips. There is a lot of downtime right now.
    3. Go through your phone and send past traveling videos to friends and families. Everyone deserves a good laugh right now!

Stay positive and remember:

    Travel Quote Inspiration from Henry Ford

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