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What to Wear to the Airport

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What to Wear to the Airport

With security checks, cramped seats, and stressed-out crowds, air travel may not be as glamorous as it used to be in the days of Pan Am. But, that doesn’t mean you have to leave your sense of style at gate check. 

Ready to turn heads at the airport and be comfortable on your flight? Here are our best tips for chic yet comfy airport wear.

First up, the essentials

No matter how you style yourself, every airport outfit needs four key comfort essentials. Here they are: 

1. Socks.

Because nobody wants to go barefoot through the airport when you have to remove your shoes. Plus, it gets cold on the airplane. Blood has to travel the farthest to reach your feet and toes; keep them warm and you’ll be much more comfortable! 

2. Comfy bottoms with some give. 

Stretchy materials are your friend! This doesn’t mean you’re stuck with pajama bottoms. Leggings, tights, and joggers are all flattering yet flexible. You’re going to be sitting for a long time, and you don’t want to feel constricted. Only the brave ones wear jeans. Whatever the weather, pair well with tops and accessories:

3. Layers. 

Layers make the difference between a miserable plane ride, and a relaxing one. Once you arrive at your destination, they help you go with the flow and handle unexpected weather with grace. If you tend to get cold in air-conditioned spaces (chilly offices, anyone?), throw on a light jacket or sweater for extra insulation. Bonus if you can make it double up as a neck rest or pillow! 

Michelle at the airport

“When I travel, I always dress in layers. I like to dress appropriately for the weather of my destination. Who wants to land in sunny 90 degree weather in a sweatshirt? Layering makes it easy to adjust upon arrival. Usually this consists of cute yoga pants, a tank top and light jacket for me!” -Michelle @andsimplethings 

4. Something for your head. 

This can be a hair tie, cute floppy hat, or headscarf. Anything that helps you tame the static from that cold cabin air (this always happens to our co-founder Alisha).

Airport outfit inspiration

With layers and comfy bottoms as your go-to, how do you create an outfit that looks beautiful, not bummy? Try one of these airport outfit ideas.

The distressed look: Wear faux leather leggings (they’re stretchy but sharp), a vintage or graphic tee, sunglasses, and chunky earrings. Cover up with a maxi cardigan warmth (leave your denim and leather jackets for the destination). Pair with sneakers or chunky boots.

The clever onesie: Forego the stress of pairing tops and bottoms altogether. Instead, opt for a boho jumpsuit with slip-on sandals, or a casual dress with booties or flats. All that’s left is to toss on a cardigan or jacket.

The office jetsetter: Traveling for work? Pair a knit sweater with a midi skirt. Or, go for head-to-toe classic black. Then, surprise them with a patterned cardigan or distinctive shoe.

The day-to-night: If it's a short flight or you're going directly to an event, it's favorable to dress classy. If you want to make things a bit more comfortable, you can pack your heels in your carry-on and wear slip-ons for the plane. 

The sunny sophisticate: Heading somewhere warm? Be breezy with dresses or shorts, with a hat and sunglasses. Bring your kimono or beach coverup to double as a jacket or blanket on the plane. 

The wintry wanderer: Traveling somewhere cold? Bundle up with leggings, layers (at least a tee and a sweater), and a blanket scarf

Tie it together with bags and baubles

To really level up your airport look, don’t stop at the clothes. Choose your accessories and luggage to match. 

Jewelry completes the look. A pair of statement earrings, or a necklace layered over a solid shirt can go a long way. Wear a fashionable watch and you won’t miss your flight, either. Want the flexibility of changing your jewelry on-the-go? Our Roam Often jewelry case slips easily into your carry-on, so you can always have your jewelry with you.

Girl holding Roam Often jewelry travel case

Girl at airport with luggage

Hate the feeling of makeup on a post-plane face? Here’s a pro tip: a bold lipstick color draws attention and creates a magical effect that brings your face to life. For an extra step, you can apply a quick brush of mascara, or just go the celebrity route and wear sunglasses. 

For your luggage, make sure your suitcase will fit in the overhead bin. We love a lightweight suitcase with wheels that’s just as easy to hoist up as it is to roll around. 

Color coordination for the win:

For all the essentials you’ll need during flight (your Roam Often jewelry case, wallet, headphones, water bottle, book, phone), bring a tote or backpack that you can easily attach or sit on top of your luggage while you’re waiting for your taxi.

Roam often, stay stylish.

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