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How to Pick an Earring Travel Case

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How to Pick an Earring Travel Case

Earrings can make or break an outfit. If you’re an earrings girl, you know this.

Earrings are one of the best jewelry pieces you have for quickly adding some style to an outfit while you’re traveling. With the right set of earrings, you can transform a basic look into something beautiful.

If you have a trip coming up, you’ve got to bring your earrings with you. But you can’t just let them roll around in your luggage. 

Read on. We share our best tips for picking an earring travel case that keeps your earrings safe and super accessible, whether you’re changing your look back at the hotel room or you’re out and about.

Top Tips for Picking an Earring Travel Case

The best earring travel case is one that’s big enough to hold what you need, but safe and secure enough to keep your earrings from getting damaged or lost during your trip. Here’s how to find your perfect earring travel case:

1. Shop by size first.

Woman putting on earrings in front of a mirrorHow many pairs can it hold? This is arguably the most important question you need to ask yourself. 

Earring travel cases come in a few different sizes. Take a look at the capacity and consider whether it will hold as many earrings as you need it to. 

If you take shorter business trips or weekend getaways, a smaller case may be all you need. But if you want more flexibility and the option to use your earring case for longer vacations, you’ll want something larger.

2. Check out the storage space.

Next up, how many different types of earrings can it hold? A cute earring travel case that only has 1x1-inch slots or grooves for studs won’t do you much good if you love chandelier earrings. 

Think about the different types of earrings you like to travel with and consider the best type of storage for them. 

Studs can fit in slots, ring rolls, or earring bars. Dangle earrings will need an earring bar or a roomy slot. Speaking of room, make sure the case is large enough for the dangles to, well, dangle without getting bent (more on this in a bit). 

3. Examine the enclosures.

Once you’ve determined that an earring travel case has enough space for your earrings, you need to make sure it’s secure enough for travel. You’re looking for two things here, specifically:

  1. Does the earring travel case have a secure enclosure that will prevent your earrings from falling out?
  2. Even if they’re safely kept inside, is the earring travel case well-designed to keep them from getting damaged?

Women sitting on step in an exotic location, wearing earringsFor the first question, we recommend a folio or padded box design with a zip enclosure. Avoid travel jewelry pouches or roll-up bags. These make it too easy for your earrings to fall out and get lost in your luggage.

Once you know your earrings won’t fall out, you want to make sure they’ll be comfortable inside. You’re traveling in style; why shouldn’t they?

If the earring travel case has an earring bar, make sure there’s enough room between it and the back of the case to allow your backings to maintain their shape without bending. If you’ll be using one of the slots, ensure your earrings will fit without you having to shove them into the space. 

4. Treat yo self with more storage.

An earring travel case is great and all, but can it hold more than earrings? What about your necklaces, bracelets, and rings? If you get a true travel jewelry organizer, you can get more for your money and pack more jewelry for your trip!

Another benefit of travel jewelry cases is that they’ll have special dedicated spaces for all your various pieces of jewelry, like an earring bar, ring roll, necklace loops, and pockets and pouches for everything else. 

Take The Wanderer, for instance. It has all those storage areas we mentioned, in a zip-around folio that’s slim enough to fit into your carryon or purse, but sturdy enough to handle a trip around the world. Plus, it’s got a super cute lined interior that’s the perfect backdrop to your earrings. Check it out!

Meet the Wanderer

For more jewelry packing tips, follow our Pinterest board!

Roam often, stay stylish.

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