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Vegan Leather Jewelry Travel Case

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Vegan Leather Jewelry Travel Case

At Roam Often, our The Wanderer jewelry travel case is made from vegan leather. 

What is that, exactly? And what makes vegan leather infinitely better than real leather? 

Read on to find out.

What is vegan leather?

Vegan leather can be made from plastic-based materials like polyurethane (PU), plant-based materials like fruit waste or leaves, recycled plastics, and microfibers like vegatan and lorica. Unlike real leather, absolutely no animal products are used in vegan leather—that’s what makes it vegan!

Is vegan leather just pleather? We’ll let you in on a secret: technically, yes. Like pleather or faux leather, vegan leather is a form of “fake” leather. It looks and feels like real leather, but without the expensive and toxic downsides.

6 benefits of vegan leather vs. real leather

Speaking of which, what are the benefits of vegan leather? Let’s see… 

  • Vegan leather is cruelty-free. Unlike real leather, which is made from the skins of dead animals, vegan leather is made from plastics, microfibers, and plant-based materials. 
  • Vegan leather is kinder to the environment. Removing the skin from animals isn’t just cruel; the process also involves a lot of toxic chemicals to turn it into leather. Tannery waste includes sludge, pollutants, and worse. Vegan leather, on the other hand, uses way fewer chemicals, whether it’s plastic- or plant-based. 
  • Vegan leather is lightweight. Vegan leather is thinner and more flexible than real leather, allowing designers to work it into a larger variety of shapes and fits—helping explain why you’re seeing vegan leather moto jackets, dresses, shoes, and even jewelry travel cases!
  • Vegan leather is waterproof. As anyone who’s ever been caught outside in the rain while wearing a leather jacket knows, real leather is especially vulnerable to stains and water damage. Since vegan leather has a plastic coating, it’s ultra-weather resistant, making it an ideal travel companion. 
  • Vegan leather is less expensive than real leather. As a polyurethane-based product, vegan leather manufacturers don’t have to bear the same costs of rearing, feeding, and housing animals. The production costs are also cheaper. Vegan leather is way more affordable than real leather, so you can be chic on the cheap! 
  • Vegan leather is easier to clean. Real leather needs a lot of TLC. With vegan leather, all you need is a bit of mild soap, warm water, and a cloth. If you’re cleaning The Wanderer vegan leather travel jewelry case, for example, you slightly dampen the cloth, spot clean, and then spot dry immediately.

Woman holding a vegan leather travel case for jewelry

Why vegan leather jewelry travel cases are the best

There’s a simple reason we chose vegan leather for The Wanderer: we feel it’s the best material for jewelry travel cases.

Vegan leather affords manufacturers more flexibility with color and shape, so you can enjoy a jewelry travel case that’s both cute and functional. 

Plus, since vegan leather jewelry travel cases like The Wanderer are made from plastic-based materials, they’re water- and stain-resistant. That means your jewelry can stay in good shape (and stay safe) no matter the weather. 

With a vegan leather jewelry travel case, you can be kind to animals, the planet, your jewelry, and your wallet! Check out The Wanderer now.

Roam often, stay stylish.

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