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What Is a Travel Jewelry Case, and When Should You Use One?

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What Is a Travel Jewelry Case, and When Should You Use One?

What Is a Travel Jewelry Case, and When to Use One?

Are you thinking about buying a travel jewelry case? You probably have some questions. Good news: we have answers. 

Read on for everything you ever wanted to know about travel jewelry cases!

What is a travel jewelry case?

In simple terms, a travel jewelry case is a case that holds your jewelry while you travel. They can resemble boxes, folios, or roll-up bags, but they all have specialized containers for different items of jewelry.

In grander terms, it’s an essential travel accessory that makes your life easier, more stress-free, and a lot more stylish, whether you’re trotting across the globe or commuting from the office to happy hour.

Jewelry Case outlining all the compartments

Who can use a travel jewelry case?

Anyone who wears jewelry and travels. Travel jewelry cases are perfect for travel (that’s what they’re made for), but they also come in handy whenever you’re on the go more locally. 

You can just as easily pack your jewelry for a trip, as you can store it for a few hours while you hit up that yoga class after work.

When do you use a travel jewelry case?

Anytime you need to store jewelry for a short time. That includes long vacations, short weekend getaways, work trips, and even going to the gym or yoga. 

Basically, anytime you expect to remove or add jewelry is a time you’ll want to bring your travel jewelry case along.

Where do you use a travel jewelry case?

There are multiple destinations - that's the beauty of it!

Spending a day at the beach? Put your jewelry in your case so it doesn’t get suntan lotion or sand in it.

Backpacking around Europe? Keep your jewelry with you as you see the sights.

Flying somewhere for the weekend? Bring all the jewelry you need for your different outfits, and store the case in your carry-on.

Headed out for an after-work date? Swap out your daytime jewelry for a bit more bling.

How do you use a travel jewelry case?

It varies by which one you buy. The Wanderer by Roam Often is easy and has a place for every type of jewelry you own.

  • Rings: Slide your rings onto the ring bar. Then snap it closed to keep them in place.
  • Earrings: Remove their backings, loop each earring through a hole on the earring bar, and then place the backing back on. Don’t worry; we promise your posts won’t bend! Finally, snap the earring bar closed for extra security. 
  • Watches and bracelets: Place these in the bracelet pocket by lifting the pocket lid. Then snap it closed. 
  • Necklaces: Unsnap the magnetic snap and loop the necklace chain on top. Make sure your necklace clasps are closed. Then, fold the rest of the necklace into the necklace pocket underneath. Finally, re-snap the magnetic snap to keep your long necklaces separated and tangle-free. 

Zip up the case, and you’re ready to travel! Watch it in action:



Why use a travel jewelry case?

Not to sound dramatic, but travel jewelry cases can be a real lifesaver. Here are just a few of the benefits of using one:

  • They keep your jewelry safe and secure wherever you go. With a zip enclosure, you know your jewelry’s not going anywhere.
  • They keep your jewelry from getting tangled or damaged. Necklaces stay tidy and tangle-free, earring posts retain their shape, and nothing ends up in a mess.
  • They’re compact and easy to pack. No more having to remember the code for the hotel safe. You can bring your jewelry along with you in your purse or backpack.
  • They’re cute! It’s fun to see your jewelry all neat and organized and trust us, it makes getting ready a lot easier when you’re away from home.

Now the only question is, “Is a small or large jewelry case right for you?” Read our blog to find out.

Roam often, stay stylish.

The Wanderer Travel Jewelry Case

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