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How to Travel with Long Necklaces

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How to Travel with Long Necklaces

Is there anything more glamorous than a long necklace? Long necklaces are in right now, and we’re here for it. 

These trendy chains really bring an outfit together. A long necklace can instantly elevate your look from basic happy hour to nightclub glam. They look beautiful with flowy tops and give you dimension. They’re fun to layer. We could go on.

But for all their fabulousness, there’s one thing long necklaces aren’t so great at: making themselves easy to pack. 

Long necklaces tangle easily, especially if they’re layered. They have an awkward length that doesn’t fit so well in standard jewelry cases.

Here’s the good news. You don’t have to leave your long necklaces at home. You just need the right jewelry packing solution for your trip! 

Women wearing a long necklace while traveling6 Travel Jewelry Solutions for Long Necklaces

Going somewhere and want to bring your long necklaces along for the trip? Here are six ways to get organized and pack your long necklaces for stress-free travel.

1. Wear your necklaces on the plane

This one’s great for shorter trips, or whenever you’re only planning to pack one or two necklaces. Instead of worrying about packing them, simply wear your long necklaces around your neck. You’ll look stylish at the airport, and they’ll be closer to your heart (aww). 

2. Use a jewelry pouch

When packing long necklaces in a jewelry pouch, use one pouch for each necklace, and always pack it with the clasped closed and sticking out of the pouch. That’s the best way to keep your necklaces from tangling.

3. Wrap them up with Glad Press’n Seal 

If you’ve barely got room in your carryon, packing multiple jewelry pouches isn’t going to work. For a space-saving solution, go into your kitchen and grab some Glad Press’n Seal wrap. 

Cut out a piece and lay it down flat, with the sticky side facing up. Then, lay your long necklaces out on the wrap, with at least a finger’s width of space between each necklace. Finally, cut out another piece of the wrap that’s roughly the same size as the first one. Lay this on top, sticky side down, and gently press to seal your jewelry inside. 

4. Grab some shelf liner

If the Glad Press’n Seal trick appeals to you, but you’d prefer a slightly more reusable option, use shelf liner instead. You’ll need to cut out a longer piece, since you'll be rolling this up (as opposed to simply sticking two pieces together as you did with the Glad Press’n Seal). 

Lay your necklaces on the shelf liner lengthwise, with ample room between each one. You don’t want them to slide together when you roll it up. Then, roll it up carefully, and secure it with elastic bands at the ends. 

5. Loop your necklaces through a straw

The straw-packing trick is an oldie but a goodie. With your necklace unclasped, you slide it through a straw. Then you loop it around and clasp it on the outside. Thinner chains can work with regular straws, but you may need a smoothie straw if you’ve got thicker chains or layered necklaces. 

Also, the longer the straw, the better, so make a trip to your local Starbucks for those Venti straws! 

6. Travel in style with the Roam Often jewelry case

It’s fun to DIY and hack your way around things, but travel is already stressful enough. Ease your worries and enjoy your vacation with a travel jewelry organizer made to handle long necklaces. 

The Roam Often Travel Jewelry Case has multiple pouches to organize your long necklaces, along with other dedicated spaces for the rest of your jewelry—earrings, bracelets, rings, you name it. Plus, it comes in a cute zip around organizer that keeps your jewelry safe inside.  

The Wanderer Jewelry Travel Case - Roam Often

For more jewelry organization and travel ideas, follow us on Pinterest! Until then… 

Roam often, stay stylish.

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