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What to Wear to a Concert

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What to Wear to a Concert

Singing at the top of your lungs. Rocking out with your friends. Trying to sneak backstage. 

We ask you: is there anything more Instagram-worthy moment than a concert? We didn’t think so.

Concerts are so fun, and they’re even better when you’re wearing a great outfit. When you look good, you feel good. You can focus on the music and the experience, instead of worrying about what you’re wearing.

Need help putting together that perfect concert outfit? You’re in the right place. We share our best tips for stylish concert looks, no matter the venue or performer.

1. Let the music be your guide

Girls at Rock ConcertIf you’ve been to a few concerts before — heck, even if you’ve watched any music videos — you may have noticed that each genre has its own distinct “look.” So, take a cue and dress according to the music genre of the performer you’re seeing!

Pop: Be your own pop princess! Sequined tanks and trendy tees with jeans or leggings are a pitch-perfect choice.

Hip Hop: Whether you’re more of a T-boz gal or a modern hip hop fan, it’s all about the attitude. Opt for sporty brand name clothes or a crop top with joggers. Hats, beanies, or just your hoodie are all good, too. Make a statement at chilly-arena shows with a bougie furry coat.

Rock: Darker colors rule the rock concert scene. Embrace it with an all-black head-to-toe black look, complete with a leather jacket and chunky boots. Or, keep it chill with jeans and a t-shirt (pro tip: Urban Outfitters is a treasure trove of vintage concert shirts).  Dress it up with a cute skirt, or stay classic with distressed jeans. 

Country: Country concert outfits have the benefit of being ultra-comfortable, whether you’re wearing a romper or your favorite flannel and jeans. Don’t forget the cowboy boots!

2. Dress up like the artist

The easiest place to draw style inspiration is the artist themselves. You know what they say, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!” 

You can be subtle with this. Google your artist to see what they wear when they’re off-stage, from a paparazzi photo of them grabbing a coffee to their latest interview with Jimmy Fallon. Even just mimicking the star’s hairstyle — like Ariana Grande’s fans famously do — can be a fun way to celebrate the night.

Or, if you’re ready to show up on other Instagram accounts other than your own, copy a look from their music video. Get ready to pose with people!

3. Stand out in style

If you’re not quite ready to do a full cosplay of your favorite singer, you can still stand out from the crowd and get noticed. Sequined shirts are made to sparkle, and all the more so with roaming iPhones and stage lights. Get blingy with long jewelry chains, crystals, and shiny silver and gold bangles. 

Find your jewelry getting in the way once you’re dancing around? Bring along a travel jewelry organizer to throw it in after you’ve taken your photos for Instagram. 

The Wanderer by Roam Often was made for this! It’s small enough to fit in your purse but strong enough to keep your jewelry safe no matter how much you’re jumping around. 

Girl holding The Wanderer jewelry travel case

Girl at Music Festival4. Dress to dance

With the exception of maybe classical orchestral performances, concerts are very much an active experience. So, be practical with your clothing choices. 

If you’ll be standing instead of sitting, wear comfy shoes, or pack flats in your purse. Avoid open-toed sandals or heels; it’s no fun when someone jumps up and lands on your toe. Also avoid any materials you don’t want getting stained, like suede boots. Drinks spill easily when you’re waving your hands in the air.

Concerts get hot, but they can be breezy, too, especially when it cools down at night (or if they’ve got the A/C on full blast). Pack a light jacket, or a flannel you can tie around your waist when you’re not wearing it.

Check out our Pinterest board for more concert outfit ideas, and share your looks with us on Instagram at @ro.amoften

How to Dress for a Concert - Concert Outfit Tips

Roam often, stay stylish.

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