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Large vs Small Travel Jewelry Case - What's Right for You?

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Large vs Small Travel Jewelry Case - What's Right for You?

Packing for a trip is all about efficiently using your space. When you pack well, you can bring even more with you! 

Even if you’re a more decisive packer, you want to know that the jewelry you bring with you will arrive safe, secure, and untangled. The best way to do that is with a travel jewelry case.

But, like anything else, today’s travel jewelry organizers come in all shapes and sizes, big and small. Which is right for your trip? 

We’re here to help you decide. Read on for the pros and cons of large vs. small travel jewelry cases. 

Small daughter holding hands with her tall motherSmall Travel Jewelry Cases: Pros and Cons

Small travel jewelry cases are small enough to hold in the palm of your hand. Often, these take the form of a little padded box with a zip around enclosure. The outside is sturdy enough to withstand being jostled around in your luggage or purse, while the inside is lined with fabric, leather, suede, or velvet to treat your jewelry nicely.

The pros:

  • They’re small enough to fit nearly anywhere in your luggage, whether that’s in a side pocket, the main area, or your purse or backpack.
  • The box shape and zip around enclosure keeps your jewelry secure and free from dents or damage.
  • They’re pretty adorable. These compact cases have a beautiful color and look, inside and out. 

The cons:

  • You have to pack less jewelry. Because they’re so small, you’re often forced to limit the amount and type of jewelry you can bring along with you. Depending on the size of your jewelry, you can maybe bring 2 to 3 of each item — and you can forget about bringing large dangle earrings or bangle bracelets.
  • To accommodate their smaller size, these travel jewelry cases are usually missing a dedicated section for at least one type of jewelry, whether that’s long necklace storage or a ring loop.
  • Your necklaces might get tangled. Sometimes these cases compromise on dividers in order to give you more storage room. So, you might have an earring bar and then a large open area for everything else. The only problem is, that invites tangles.
  • Depending on how you travel, their small size can be an inconvenience. The little boxes are cute, but can be awkwardly bulky to fit in a smaller purse.

Best for: Short trips and long weekends, or safely storing your everyday jewelry while you sleep

Large Travel Jewelry Cases: Pros and Cons

Large travel jewelry cases are designed to fix many of the limitations smaller jewelry cases have. These are big and roomy, with plenty of compartments for each and every type of jewelry item you want to bring on your trip. They may resemble a larger version of the padded box, or use a rollup design.

The question is, do you really need that much? There’s a reason you’re not lugging your jewelry box from home. Let’s dig in to the pros and cons.

The pros:

  • Larger travel jewelry cases hold more jewelry. You never have to worry about picking and choosing jewelry for your trip. These cases are built to handle it. Large travel jewelry cases offer tons of storage. You can easily store ten necklaces, multiple pairs of earrings, and several rings, and bracelets. 
  • There’s more variety in styles. They can have separate, removable compartments, come with a hanger for you to hang them up in your hotel room, or include an extra pouch.
  • You can bring along your larger pieces. Because these cases are larger, you won’t have an issue packing chunky bangles, watches, or huge chandelier earrings.

The cons:

  • Sometimes, less is more. These travel jewelry organizers are so large that they’re almost like a separate suitcase for your jewelry. It can be more than you need.
  • They’re tougher to pack. Because they’re so large, larger cases may not fit in your purse or carry on, forcing you to pack them in your checked luggage (definitely not a place where you want to leave your valuables).
  • They cramp your style. Unlike smaller travel jewelry organizers, these are built for function over style. They focus more on space and storage, and they’re not always so cute to look at. 

Best for: Those who love large jewelry and chunky pieces, overpackers, and extended vacations

The Goldilocks Option: Medium-Sized Travel Jewelry Cases

As you can see, large and small travel jewelry cases have their pros and cons. What would Goldilocks do?

We wager she’d opt for a medium-sized travel jewelry organizer like The Wanderer from Roam Often. It’s the perfect size. Take a look:

  • It’s flat, with a zip-around enclosure that keeps your jewelry safe and secure, but with a thin-enough profile that slides easily into your purse, backpack, or carry-on luggage.
  • It’s roomy. With a 5” x 7” size, packing your jewelry is just as easy as bringing along your iPad or a book.
  • It’s stylish. The Wanderer is just as cute as those tiny jewelry organizers, with a luxe vegan exterior and a trendy fabric lining the inside. You’ll feel delighted when you open it, instead of overwhelmed.
  • Most importantly, it does the job! The Wanderer has dedicated space for all of your jewelry, with a ring loop, earring bar, necklace holders, and two pouches for bracelets, watches, and anything else. You can fit a good amount of jewelry, with enough variety for any kind of trip.

Meet the Wanderer - Jewelry Travel Case

Best for: Everyone!

Roam often, stay stylish.

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