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What to Wear in Italy

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What to Wear in Italy

Ciao bella! Do you have a trip planned for Italy? 

We bet you’re already getting excited, visualizing yourself sipping espresso in cafes, riding in gondolas, and walking on old cobblestone streets to see cathedrals and the great works of Michelangelo. Oh, and how could we forget, eating lots of pasta!

No matter which city you’re traveling to, Italy is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. Feel as beautiful as the world around you with our style tips below. We share ideas for what to wear in Italy, on both warm and cool weather trips.

What to Wear in Italy During a Spring/Summer Trip

During spring and summer trips to Italy, it’s time to embrace the Mediterranean. The weather is warm, so let the sea and Tuscan sun be your style guide.

Skirts and dresses are perfect for this. Plus, some cathedrals don’t allow shorts, so you won’t have to worry about breaking dress code. A cardigan’s also a good choice in case you have to cover your shoulders at a cathedral (or if it gets chilly at night).

Opt for flowy silhouettes to feel breezy (it can get humid in some places) and bright colors to feel vibrant. Italy has a lively scene, full of color and character. Tap into popular palettes like bold reds, pinks, oranges, and yellows—or white to show off your sun-kissed skin!

Speaking of sun, a floppy or broad-brimmed hat will keep your head covered and cool. Hats make any outfit just a bit more chic, whether you’re doing the touristy thing or lounging on the beach. Don’t forget to pack a cute swimsuit and coverup, by the way.

Complete your look with comfy shoes and a small purse to look luxe. Cobblestone streets and cracked tiles are part of Italy’s charm, but they’re also hard to walk on. Flats, slide sandals, and even sneakers are your friend. The ultra confident may be able to manage with a sturdy square heel, but avoid stilettos at all costs!

What to Wear in Italy During a Fall/Winter Trip

The winter months can get cool in Italy, so pack the outerwear to match. Temperatures can range between Northern and Southern Italy, so we recommend checking the forecast before your trip. It can snow and rain up north, and the Sirocco winds can make a cool day feel downright cold in Sicily or along the coast. 

Pack your layers to stay warm. You’ll be more comfortable if you have the option of taking things off. Sweaters, scarfs, and beanies will keep you warm and looking cute and snug. 

But just because it’s cold out doesn’t mean you have to throw fashion out the window. You can still dress up your look with some thigh-high boots and a long skirt or designer jeans. Or, stay warm with booties and pantyhose underneath a long dress. 

We talked to travel and lifestyle writer Jenny Ho (@xoxojho) after her recent trip to Italy. Jenny was in Italy for a few weeks over December and January, when the temperatures were a bit cooler. Here were her outfit choices: 

xoxojho in multiple outfits in Italy

“‘Smart casual’ is definitely the go-to in Italy,” Jenny said. “Everyone is dressed very smart and stylish. I would recommend layers as the weather can fluctuate, and comfortable but stylish shoes are highly recommended. I also love to add a few pieces of fun jewelry and often wore a hat to complete the outfit and help protect my face from the sun.”

If you plan to bring along some fun jewelry like Jenny, make sure it travels safely with a stylish jewelry case like The Wanderer. You’ll look as chic as the fashionistas in Milan. 

Get more Italian style inspiration on our Pinterest board! Arrivederci!

Roam often, stay stylish.

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