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7 Benefits to Using a Travel Jewelry Case

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7 Benefits to Using a Travel Jewelry Case

Picture it: you just arrived at your hotel for your Venice vacation. 

You’re raring to go sightseeing, but the practical girl in you tells you to unpack first, so you don’t have to deal with it later when you’re exhausted from walking all day. You open Spotify, and you put your clothes and toiletries away in less than two songs. All that’s left is your jewelry. 

You open your carry-on to find your jewelry pouch is full of tangled necklaces. There goes the next half-hour, spent painstakingly untangling each one.

Or maybe you’re back at the airport, rummaging through your purse to find your passport. In the rush to get through security, the drawstring bag holding your jewelry falls out and spills. You scurry to pick up your jewelry, hoping you didn’t forget anything as you race to avoid missing your flight.

Yeah, these are the kinds of things that can happen when you don’t have a travel jewelry case.

Still not convinced a travel jewelry case is all that necessary? Read on. We’ve got seven reasons why these are a true vacation lifesaver.

The Wanderer Travel Jewelry Case

1. They keep your necklaces from tangling

If you love necklaces, having a travel jewelry case is not optional. These handy cases have dedicated hooks for you to hang your necklaces on, ensuring they stay safe, secure, and separated. That’s the end of untangling necklaces for you!

2. They secure all your jewelry in one place

Speaking of the three S’s (safe, secure, and separated), a travel jewelry case is seriously secure. Thanks to their zip enclosure, your jewelry is on lock-down in one of these. No more worrying about your jewelry rumbling around in your purse or that random drawstring pouch you found around your house.

3. They’re easy to pack and find when you need to

You don’t have time to waste when you’re traveling! There are sights to see! Happily, with a travel jewelry case, all your jewelry is in one place, and you know exactly where it is. You’re not searching through your hotel room, under the pillows and sheets, pulling your hair out and wondering where that other chandelier earring ran off to.

4. They help you stay stylish on-the-go

Jewelry travel cases are built to travel—it’s right there in the name, after all. But that doesn’t mean the travel has to stop with the airplane. You can bring your case around with you as you explore the city, making it easy to switch up your jewelry whenever and wherever. For example, The Wanderer’s slim 5”x7” profile slides easily into any backpack or purse.

5. They keep your jewelry organized

What’s another name for a travel jewelry case? Travel jewelry organizer. With earring and ring bars, necklace hooks, and pockets and pouches for everything else, you can bring multiple sets and types of jewelry on your vacation—and have no problem staying organized during your vacation.

6. They’re made to fit in your hotel safe

Travel jewelry cases are designed to keep your jewelry safe and sound. If you don’t want to take them out exploring, you can toss them in the hotel safe for extra security. Travel jewelry cases are secure on the inside, too. With a zip enclosure and dedicated space for different types of jewelry, your jewelry stays in one piece throughout your trip. You won’t find any bent earring posts in your earring travel case or broken bracelets here!

7. They’re just undeniably cute

If you treasure your jewelry, you have an appreciation for beauty. Good news: so do the makers of travel jewelry cases. When we designed The Wanderer, we gave it a cute patterned interior so you’ll smile every time you open it up. It serves as the perfect backdrop for your jewelry. Oh, and it comes in a luxe vegan exterior that complements even the most luxurious of designer handbags.

Meet the Wanderer - travel jewelry case

Want more tips on packing jewelry for a trip? Read our blog.

Roam often, stay stylish. 

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