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How to Pack Jewelry for a Trip

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How to Pack Jewelry for a Trip

When packing jewelry for a trip, you have two things to decide. 

  1. What will you bring with you? 
  2. How are you going to get it there?

Read on or watch, sisters. We share our best tips for packing jewelry for a safe and stylish trip.


Woman wearing jewelry while travelingStep 1: Deciding What Jewelry to Bring on Your Trip

We’ll start with the obvious. When packing for a trip, it’s a good idea to pick your jewelry according to the outfits you’ve packed. 

But, if you’re like most jewelry lovers, that only narrows your options slightly. Where do you go from here?

Keep the three S’s in mind: Simple, Single, and Selective. Let us explain.

  • Simple: Bring your staple items. These are your go-to’s, that are easy to throw on and mix and match with any outfit. 
  • Single: Travel requires flexibility. That holds true for your jewelry as well. Make room for versatility by choosing a singular palette for your jewelry. Shiny pieces, either gold or silver (just pick one), can give any outfit an instant glow up. If you’re more low-key, use black accents or solid colors to complement your outfits (again, just choose one tone). 
  • Selective: Like we said, you’ll make things easier on yourself if you stick to one slice of the color wheel with your jewelry. There’s no need to bring your entire jewelry box along for the trip, so be choosy! One place you want to be extra selective is your expensive jewelry: leave it at home if you can. Snafus happen when you travel; it’s easier to laugh them off when they don’t involve losing your fine diamonds. 

Step 2: How to Pack Your Jewelry for a Trip

Now that you’ve made your selections, it’s time to figure out how to pack them. Here’s what we recommend for different jewelry pieces.

For packing your necklaces

You can use fabric pouches, jewelry boxes, or mini plastic bags to pack your necklaces, ideally with the clasp closed and hang outside of the bag to more likely prevent tangles. 

Alternately, grab some shelf liner. Lie your necklaces on it, with space in between them, and gently roll the fabric up. 

For packing your bracelets

Store your bracelets in another fabric pouch or ziplock bag, separate from the one containing your necklaces (in order to avoid them tangling together). 

You can also DIY your own jewelry roll, by rolling up a washcloth and sliding your bracelets over it. Then, place it in a ziplock bag for security.

For packing your rings

Pack your smaller rings in a pill case, using a separate day for each ring so you can see them clearly. 

For your larger rings (or if you don’t have a pillbox available), string them on the loop of one of your fabric pouches and tie the end together with a knot. You can also use fabric pouches, ziplock bags, and/or jewelry boxes to hold your rings, but separate compartments allow for rings to be more secure.

For packing your earrings

For this one, we encourage you to get a bit crafty. Find a piece of fabric, thin enough for you to pierce your earrings through.  

If you don’t have any fabric swatches lying around, use cardboard, a styrofoam plate, or a sturdy piece of paper from an old shoebox and punch your own holes through it. Or, you can share the pillbox you used for your rings with your earrings.


A Simpler, Sleeker Solution to Packing Jewelry for a Trip: The Roam Often Travel Jewelry Case

As you can imagine, these containers add up quickly and can be cumbersome to carry separately. Instead of packing for your weekend getaway, it starts to feel like you’re opening up a mini Container Store in your carry-on!

For a more elegant solution befitting a stylish jetsetter like yourself, we recommend a travel jewelry case — specifically, The Wanderer travel jewelry case we sell here at Roam Often. We may be a bit biased, but hear us out! Just take a look at how easy it is to pack all of your jewelry for a trip, all in one sleek, stylish little case:

  • Slide your rings onto the ring bar that’s there just for them.
  • Hang your earrings on the dedicated earring bar, or store larger dangles in the included pocket.
  • Pack your bracelets in the generously-sized pocket, or hang them on the necklace side of the case.
  • Loop your necklaces through the hook and clasp them to prevent tangling, or store them in the pocket.

That’s it. With the Roam Often travel jewelry case, there’s a place for every piece of your jewelry. 

Once you’ve packed it all, you zip it up like a mini suitcase for your jewelry. Then, you can toss this in your carry-on or your purse to keep all your jewelry with you, safe and secure, wherever your travels take you!

Meet the Wanderer by Roam Often

Roam often, stay stylish.

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