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London Fashion

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London Fashion

Looking for style ideas for your upcoming trip to London? London fashion has its own distinct style, especially when compared to American fashion. 

When traveling abroad, you don’t want to blend in, but you don’t want to announce yourself as a tourist either. 

As you pack your outfits for London, follow these tips. You’ll turn heads and stand out, but for all the right reasons.

Keep it cool with classic colors

When it comes to their fashion color wheel, you might say Londoners use foggy skies and rainy weather as inspiration. Stay on trend with classic colors like black, navy blues, creme, and beige. You can never go wrong with any of those.

Stay classy

London fashion is more traditional, just like their color choices. Generally, London fashion looks more put together and less slouchy than American fashion. 

It’s common to see collared shirts and blouses, paired with blazers and skirts. There is a reason Princesses Kate and Meghan are fashion icons here. 

But, please, feel free to wear pants when you want. High-waisted trousers in solid colors or plaids are always a good option.

Extra room in your suitcase? Pack a hat

To really go for the princess look, don’t forget your headpiece. Hats are very popular in London. They tie the whole look together. They’re also very handy for keeping you warm (and your makeup intact) during those inevitable moments of drizzle and rain. 

Girl in coat standing in front of London BridgePlus, who doesn’t love that ultra-chic feeling of holding your hat while walking in the wind?

Cozy up with a coat

Speaking of weather, London is the place to wear layers. Pack with finicky weather in mind. It rains, it gets cold, and it can be surprisingly windy. 

Trench, long line, and pea coats are very much in. Longline coats and blazers look stylish in the spring and fall, while trench or pea coats with a true closure are preferred for those cooler winter months. Just make sure the material is waterproof. 

Your outerwear can follow the same rainy color scheme as the rest of your outfit. Or, take the opportunity to get a bit more wild with tartans, plaids, bold and classic prints. 

Swap your socks for tights

Londoners love their tights. They’re perfect for fall weather and keeping your legs warm even if you’re wearing a skirt in the rain. 

Pair your tights with a smart pair of trouser shorts or a cute skirt. For shoes, go for lace-up or ankle boots.

Shoes are made for walkin’

London is a commute-by-subway city. When you’re not swiping your Oyster card on the Tube, you’ll be walking around town.

Translation: you need to pack comfy shoes. Cute flats and ankle boots are your friends, any time of year. Fortunately, they tend to pair very well with the outfits that are trendy in London, whether you’re more of a traditionalist or a punk-rock girl. 

Embrace the funk

That’s right. There’s a funky side to London. Just head to Camden Town tGirl wearing hat in Londono see what we mean. This is the home of Amy Winehouse, and walking around you can see how she’d fit right in. 

Camden is one of those parts of London with an underlying punk rock feel that people truly embrace. 

If you have a flair for the bold, dress to your heart’s content. Think bright red colors, unique silhouettes, and paying homage to the 90s. Bust out the ol’ Doc Martens!

Summer Styles in London

Is it ever warm in London? Thankfully, yes! If you’re heading across the pond during the summertime, prepare for warmer weather. 

It doesn’t get quite “hot” in London, so many of the outfits share a similar vibe year-round. Trousers, skirts, rompers, and blouses are still in during the summer — just leave the coat and tights at home. 

If you’re comfortable in booties, pack them. Otherwise, feel free to swap them out for wedges or strappy (but still walkable) sandals.

We hope these tips for dressing in London help you feel the best-dressed tourist around. Until then…

Roam often, stay stylish.

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