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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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Mother's Day Gift Guide - Best Gifts for Every Mom by Roam Often

It’s crazy to believe, but Mother’s Day is coming up fast! This year, Mother’s Day is on May 9th, and we’ve got you covered with ideas for every mom in your life from the new mom to the pet mom. In this Mother’s Day Gift Guide, we share some of our favorite gifts that any mom will enjoy!


Gifts for the New Mom

1. The Travelista Travel Blanket Scarf

Our Travelista was designed to be the perfect combination of style, comfort, and functionality — that’s why it’s the perfect gift for any new mom! This versatile scarf can be styled with any outfit and can be instantly transformed into a blanket. For moms on-the-go, a stylish scarf that turns into a blanket can complete an outfit but can also be used as a makeshift cover for yourself or a stroller.

If you like The Travelista, you can get 30% off a second one when you buy one for mom with code “MOTHERSDAY”, going on March 29th through April 30th.

Mother's Day Gift Guide - Gifts for the New Mom by Roam Often

2. Coffee Mug

If there’s one thing a lot of new moms thrive on, it’s coffee. So, why not get her a brand-new coffee mug to enjoy? You can either personalize it for her personality or find one with a funny saying that will brighten her morning. You can find plenty of coffee mugs on Etsy and, a tip from us, the bigger the mug the better!


Gifts for the Active Mom

1. The Lift Hair Tie Bangles

At Roam Often, our Lift Hair Tie Bangles are the perfect additions to the active, on-the-go life for any mom. The Lift subtly holds hair ties so you always have one handy without creating lines on your wrists from too-tight hair ties. Between the silver, gold, or rose gold options, it doubles as a bracelet and goes with any outfit or other jewelry pairing.

Know another mom in your life that could benefit from The Lift Hair Tie Bangles? Between March 29th and April 30th, when you buy an item for mom, you can get the same item for 30% off for you or another mom in your life with code “MOTHERSDAY.”

The Lift Hair Tie Bangles - Roam Often

2. Apple Watch or Fitbit

For that active mom in your life, maybe it’s time to splurge and get her an Apple Watch or Fitbit. Both watches let her track her steps, her workouts, and her calories all from her watch. You can even pair it with cute and unique bands so she can style it to look like a standard watch or to match her outfits.


Mother's Day Gift Guide - Gifts for Your Mom by Roam Often

Gifts for Your Mom

1. The Wanderer Jewelry Travel Case

Compact and cute, The Wanderer fits anywhere you need it to, whether it’s your dresser, purse, suitcase, gym bag, or a hotel safe. This gift is perfect for your mom, especially if you want to add a nice piece of jewelry inside as an extra surprise. Our travel case will help her not only keep her jewelry from becoming a tangled mess, but also to keep them new and clean.

Want one for your own jewelry? From March 29th to April 30th, when you buy The Wanderer for your mom, you can get the same item 30% off for yourself (use code “MOTHERSDAY”)! 

The Wanderer Travel Jewelry Case - Roam Often

2. Digital Picture Frame

A digital picture frame is a great gift for your mom, especially if you live long distance or for when you can’t get together in person. There are many options for digital frames, and there are some out there that let you email new photos directly to the frame.

3. Custom Portraits

Are you looking for a unique but thoughtful gift for your mom? Purchasing your mom a digital portrait of you and her, you and your siblings, or the whole family is a new way to gift mom with a picture of those who matter most in her life. Our friend @eerrinnn_doodles on Instagram creates beautiful, custom digital portraits.  

Mother's Day Gift Guide by Roam Often - Illustrated Digital Portrait

Photo Credit:  @eerrinnn_doodles

Gifts for the Pet Mom

1. Personalized Pet Socks

For that special pet mom in your life, she deserves a Mother’s Day gift, too! And let’s face it: pet moms are just as obsessed with their pets as moms are with their children. What better gift for a pet mom than one that shows her 4-legged child off to the world? There are plenty of pet socks to choose from on Etsy with different styles, customization, and colors.

2. Pet Portrait

Like we said, pet parents are obsessed with their pets, and there’s nothing wrong with that! That’s why getting the pet mom in your life a portrait of her pet is the perfect gift they can hang up in the living room, bedroom, office, or (if you have one) the pet’s area. It can be funny, charming, or just downright cute. You can also find these on Etsy with options like photoshopping its head onto a military general or painted onto a canvas.


Gifts for Those Who Have Lost a Mom

1. Self-Care Box

Mother’s Day can sometimes be a difficult time for those who have lost their mothers, so gifting them with a gift like a self-care box can help them relax and ease their minds. Whether you prefer to gather all the materials yourself or order through a service like Box Fox, they are bound to enjoy the sentiment either way.

2. Flowers and a Card

Sometimes, a good old-fashioned vase of flowers and a personal card can brighten anyone’s day. Sending them just a small gift can put a smile on their face.


Don’t miss out on our deals for Mother’s Day! When you buy any item from Roam Often, you’ll get the same item for 30% off to gift or keep for yourself. This offer starts March 29th and goes through April 30th (use code “MOTHERSDAY”).

Roam often, stay stylish.

Mother's Day Gift Guide - Roam Often

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