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Staying Comfortable While Flying

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How To Stay Comfortable While Flying - Roam Often Blog Post

Getting on an airplane to head to your travel destination is always fun and exciting. Once you get settled into your seat, you might find that it can get pretty cold, or your neighbor is blasting the overhead fan at max. An age-old struggle for traveling on airplanes has always been figuring out the easiest way to stay warm without carrying more luggage or weighing down your carry-on.

To have a relaxing, cozy flight that maybe — just maybe — you can catch a few z’s on, learn how cold airplanes can get and what to wear at an airport in order to stay warm on an airplane. 

How Cold Do Airplane Cabins Get?

The temperature in an airplane can fluctuate rather drastically depending on the airline and who’s flying it. Temperatures in the airplane cabin can be controlled by either the pilots or on a cabin-by-cabin basis by flight attendants. Typically, the optimal temperature for an airplane cabin is 75 degrees Fahrenheit, but it’s not always consistent.

Since the cabin is separated into three zones, it can be difficult to maintain the same temperature throughout. If you’re sitting beside any door or emergency exit, it can also be colder than other spots. That’s why you may have noticed in the past that when you pack a heavy sweater, you find yourself overheating. So then, you don’t pack one the next time and you’re suddenly freezing. An unfortunate cycle. 

Staying Comfortable While Flying - All About Airplane Cabins - Roam Often

How to Stay Warm on an Airplane

Staying warm on an airplane really comes down to one simple piece of advice: dress in layers.

We’re not saying it has to be a bunch of layers either. You shouldn’t need your winter coat and a sweater but having the right layers and wearing the right clothes can help keep you nice and comfortable on your next flight. If you bring even one of the items on our list, you will find yourself warmer. 

  1. Socks – Depending on how long your flight is and the shoes you’re wearing, consider packing a pair of socks in your carry-on to slip on before the plane takes off. This way you keep your toes warm from any drafts coming from any doors or emergency exits.
  2. Closed-Toed Shoes – It’s a good idea to have shoes that are easy to slip on and off for TSA, and that cover your toes to help keep you warm on the plane. If they’re gym shoes, you won’t even need to pack an extra pair of socks.
  3. Vest – To keep the top-half of your body warm, you can also bring a vest. It can be easier to carry than a sweater and keeps you just as toasty. It covers your core/torso, which is where a lot of heat is localized. You won’t even need sleeves.
  4. Blanket Scarf – A tried-and-true item to wear or bring in your carry-on is a blanket scarf, like the Travelista. As temperatures fluctuate, you can wrap and unwrap the blanket scarf as needed to stay comfy. Or forgo the questionable airplane blanket and use the oversized Travelista blanket scarf to stay cozy and warm during your flight.  
The Travelista Travel Blanket Scarf - Roam Often

Be prepared to keep yourself nice and warm in your next flight with the Travelista Blanket Scarf. Made from anti-static material, the cashmere-like soft scarf is an ideal travel companion for your next adventure. With light and dark plaid color options, its modern design will fit any airplane outfit you decide to wear both to and from your destination.

Roam often, stay stylish.

How to Stay Comfortable While Flying - All About Airplane Cabins - Roam Often


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