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Each year on January 6th, National Cuddle Up Day encourages us to snuggle up with someone. Cuddling releases oxytocin, that feel-good hormone that lowers your blood pressure, makes stress go away, and gets you in the mood!

January is always a chilly month, so we’re all for warming things up and getting cozy with some cuddling. Heck, let’s make it Cuddle Up Month. We’re not mad about it!

In honor of the holiday, we thought it might be fun to do a blog post on sleepwear. Read on for fun sleepwear ideas you can wear on National Cuddle Up Day — or any day! 

Girl Sleepwear Outfit, National Cuddle Up Day - Roam Often

Get set with a cute sleepwear set (or sets)

Dressing cute for Cuddle Up Day is super easy, thanks to sleepwear sets. All you need to do is choose one (or a few) you like, and you’re all set! Each outfit’s got a top, bottom, and sometimes more, and everything goes together perfectly.

Classic sleepwear sets include:

  • Short and sweet pajama sets made from silk or acrylic that include an oversized top with wide shorts. You can always spot these by their signature edging.
  • Long underwear pajama sets made from thermal cotton or polyester blends to keep you warm on those cold winter nights. These have fun patterns that range from pretty to playful.
  • Chill ruffle shorts with adjustable elastics and cute camis with lace details. Pair these with your favorite oversized cardigan for extra warmth.
  • An oversized sleep shirt with shorts or colorful leggings. It’s all about that 80s vibe, y’all.
  • Sexy sleepwear sets or nighties with frilly edges, babydoll cuts, and gorgeous robes to match. These make you feel beautiful.

There’s a sleepwear set for every kind of vibe, whether you’re cuddling at home on a Saturday morning, staying up late on your girls’ trip, or getting steamy with that special someone.

Where can you buy sleepwear sets? 

More places than you think, actually! Your favorite retailer probably has at least one or two sleepwear sets of their own, but you can find stylish pajamas at Victoria’s Secret, Anthropologie, J. Crew, Nordstrom, H&M, and more.

Level up the comfy vibes with accessories

Your sleepwear set is just the base of your outfit. Complete your look and get cozy with these PJ accessories.

A chic eye mask for your beauty sleep

Nothing gets you in that slumber party mood like an eye mask that you use as a headband instead. We love ones with sassy sayings and bold colors. 

A scrunchie for your hair

You can wear your scrunchie as a bracelet and let your hair hang loose, or you can put your scrunchie to use with a messy ponytail. It’s the ultimate two-in-one accessory. 

A pair of slippers for your feet

Every girl needs a fabulous pair of slippers. You can keep it low-profile with a pair of slipper socks, or make a statement with your fuzziest slip-ons.

A blanket for snuggling up

What’s the point of cuddling without a blanket? Find a warm waffle blanket or cozy throw. 

Not planning to be home? No problem. Take a blanket scarf like The Travelista with you and enjoy the coziness of a blanket on the go. You can wear it as a scarf when you’re out and about. Then, transform it into a blanket when the snuggling begins.

Get more sleepwear inspiration on our Pinterest board!

Roam often, stay stylish.

Girl Sleepwear Outfit, National Cuddle Up Day - Roam Often

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