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What Is a Blanket Scarf?

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All About Blanket Scarfs FAQs - Roam Often

Silk squares, cotton kerchiefs, and infinity scarves — oh my! There are so many types of scarves out there.

You’ve got lots of options, for sure, but there’s one scarf every gal needs in her closet: the ultra-versatile blanket scarf!

Read on to find out what blanket scarves are, why they’re so hot right now, and where to get yours.

What is a blanket scarf?

A blanket scarf is exactly what you’d guess: a scarf that’s large enough to double as a blanket. Blanket scarves are oversized scarves that can be worn in a variety of ways, from a traditional scarf or wrap to a belted vest. They can even be used as a blanket for snuggling up — or snuggling with!

Sometimes blanket scarves are true square shapes, and sometimes they’re rectangular. They often come in plaid styles, and are made from flannel, cotton, or acrylic fabrics. As for decorative details, their edges may be fringed, straight, or have tassels.

Girl Wearing an Oversized Travel Blanket Scarf- The Travelista Blanket Scarf by Roam Often

Why we love blanket scarves

Why are blanket scarves so popular? Let us count the ways.

  • They’re versatile. You can wear a blanket scarf however you want. Drape it over your shoulders, belt it to make your own sweater vest, or style it as an infinity scarf. You can even use your scarf as a blanket, whether you’re traveling or snuggling up at home.
  • They’re stylish. Thanks to their pretty plaid patterns and super-versatility, blanket scarves are guaranteed to always be in style. You can take a basic jeans-and-shirt look from blah to wow just by adding a blanket scarf. 
  • They’re oh-so-comfy. Is it just us or do flannels and plaids put you in the mood for some hot chocolate and cozying up around the fire? Throw in an oversized blanket scarf and the picture is complete. 
  • They’re warm. You may not need that campside fire if you’ve got a blanket scarf. These soft scarves are perfect for keeping you warm on chilly planes, frigid offices, and out and about during cooler weather.
  • They’re low maintenance. To top it all off, blanket scarves are easy to hand wash and keep clean. Read our FAQ to scarves for detailed care instructions.

Get your blanket scarf now

Are you ready to experience the awesomeness of a blanket scarf? Check out The Travelista by Roam Often

We designed this scarf with lovers of travel and fashion in mind (hence the name). The Travelista blanket scarf is lightweight yet warm, and made from snuggly-soft fabric to keep you stylin’ wherever you go — from the busy streets of Tokyo to your own backyard. 

And that’s not all. The Travelista blanket scarf comes in light and dark patterns, with an anti-static material that repels water and keeps your hair frizz-free. Get yours now

Roam often, stay stylish.

Girl Wearing an Oversized Travel Blanket Scarf- The Travelista Blanket Scarf by Roam Often

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