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5 Types of Scarfs You Need in Your Closet

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5 Types of Scarfs You Need in Your Closet

Is there anything more versatile than a scarf? 

They keep you looking cute and cozy whenever you’re bundled up in the cold. A silk scarf over your shoulders makes you feel gorgeous at that airy summer wedding. Pop one around your neck and you’re the office fashionista. Or, tie on a head scarf and get ready for that Sunday drive!

At Roam Often, we love scarfs. Who doesn’t? Read on to discover five scarf designs to make you feel beautiful, along with a quick guide to our favorite scarf materials. 

5 Scarf Designs to Have In Your Closet

  1. The traditional scarf is your best friend in the fall and winter. These rectangular beauties are long, wooly and soft, and designed for layering during those cool winter months. 
  2. Infinity scarfs go on, and on, and on… Okay, not really, but they do have a circular shape that allows you to wrap them around your neck for an effortless layered look.
  3. If you like to be on trend, you won’t go wrong with a blanket scarf. These oversized scarfs offer that rare combination of trendy and functional. They’re so big you can use them as a blanket at the big game, or wrap them around your shoulders as a makeshift coat. Of course, you can always wear them like a traditional scarf, too.
  4. Square scarves make it hip to be square. These silky squares of fabric are a statement piece for your neck. They look good with almost anything, whether it’s your blazer or a vintage dress.
  5. No matter how you wear them, head scarfs add a touch of allure around your eyes, with wisps of hair peeking out. Wear them as a headband, or leave them open and let your waves hang loose. (Did we mention they’re perfect for bad hair days?) 

Girl holding scarf to faceWhich scarf material, and when?

Choosing your scarf design is just half the fun; the other half is choosing your material! Today’s scarfs come in a variety of fabrics and a dazzling array of colors and patterns. 

When will you wear your scarf? Wool, cashmere, acrylic, and pashmina scarves are made for staying warm in winter weather. For hotter weather, you’ll want to go with breathable silk, cotton, or linen. 

There’s also something to be said for style. Wool and cashmere level up the cozy on a look, while silk always looks sleek, pairing equally well with office garb or a day dress.

A scarf like no other: The Travelista

Scarfs are pretty much perfect. If you’re a lover of scarfs, you already know that. At Roam Often, we love scarfs so much that we sought out to make one that’s just a little more perfect. 

It’s the Travelista, and it’s calling your name. This stylish blanket scarf is woven from anti-static material, so it won’t get clingy at the airport or your office desk. As you might guess from the name (a fun blend of fashionista and travel) it’s designed to travel, but here’s a little secret: the Travelista totally works as your work-from-home staple, too. Choose your color and get ready to strut your stuff!

Roam Often, Stay Stylish.

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