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What to Wear to a Gala

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What to Wear to a Gala

OMG you got invited to a gala. How exciting!

Whether it’s your favorite charity fundraiser or you’re simply hob-nobbing with the city’s elite, NBD, you want to dress to impress.

We got you. Read on for the five luxe essentials any gala-goer needs to wear.

1. Your longest, most beautiful gown

Galas are a formal event, typically taking place in the evening to late-night hours. In a way, they’re kind of like prom for adults — but without the corny photos and acne. Although, there will be a photographer there, so you want to look like you fit in, while standing out, of course!

Long gowns are the unofficial gala outfit. You can go frilly and lacey with a tulle gown, or arrest attention with a plunging V-neck maxi dress. You could even be very modern, and wear a women's tuxedo. 

2. Fancy jewelry that sparkles

Accessorize your gown with your best jewelry. We’re talking precious metals and fine gems — or anything that looks like it. Costume jewelry can be just as beautiful, and it’s kinder on your wallet.

Don’t layer on the jewelry, though. Keep it simple and refined with a few statement pieces, like a pair of gorgeous chandelier earrings or a bold bracelet

Feeling lost when you look at your jewelry box? Fear not. Read our tips for pairing jewelry with your outfit.

Girl wearing a gown to a gala3. A pair of elegant heels

Nothing ruins a fabulous evening like tripping on your gown. Give your dress and yourself the shoes you deserve with a pretty pair of strappy heels. 

Stilettos and thinner heels are more appropriate for galas than chunky wedges or boots, although a block heel with the right height and a fancier fabric can work, too. 

4. Wrap or coat to stay warm

There are some exceptions, but most evening wear leaves your arms bare, whether you’re wearing an off-the-shoulder number or a spaghetti strap dress. It’s going to get chilly as the night goes on, especially if any of the gala takes place outside.

Bring along an elegant shawl or wrap that you can oh-so-effortlessly take on and off throughout the night, or a dress jacket you can leave with a coat check. As for material, you can’t go wrong with faux fur, silks, cashmere, or lace.

5. Clutch for your essentials

A chic clutch is the final piece of your gala ensemble. You’ll need something to hold your phone, lip gloss, credit card, and some cash for tips. 

Bonus points if it leaves enough room for your jewelry. When the dance floor gets going, you don’t want anything getting in your way. Take off those heavy earrings and dance to your heart’s content! 

We love our travel jewelry case, The Wanderer, for this. Its black vegan leather exterior is fancy enough to go with anything you wear to a gala, but functional enough to keep all your jewelry safe inside. 

Want more gala dress ideas? Follow us on Pinterest!

Roam often, stay stylish.

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