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What to Wear to Yoga or While Doing Yoga

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What to Wear to Yoga or While Doing Yoga

You already know every yogi needs her mat, water bottle, and yoga towel, but what should you wear while doing yoga?

Okay, so technically, you could wear any old t-shirt and sweatpants and do yoga. Yoga is about a mindset, not what you’re wearing.

But, that’s definitely not as fun. Yoga outfits get you in the mood for yoga, making it just that much easier to find that elusive third eye. 

Plus, yoga clothes are made for yoga. Trust us — it’s definitely easier to unknot yourself from Bird of Paradise pose when your clothes aren’t in the way.

So read on! We share our best tips for what to wear to tap into your inner yogi.

The first rule of yoga clothes

When choosing your yoga clothes, think about what makes you comfortable first. You want to be able to move and stretch without a problem. 

Then, once you find a style (or two, or three) you like, you can get them in all your favorite colors and patterns. 

Most yoga clothes are made from blends of cotton, lycra, nylon, and spandex — fabrics all known for their moisture-wicking properties. Some yoga companies even use fabrics made from recycled materials or ones that can be worn in any kind of environment, from the hot room to the ocean. Beach yoga, anyone? 

A sports bra for every yogi

Today’s sports bras are as cute and flexible as they come, from super-minimal to ultra strappy to crop tops that cover most of your belly — so you can definitely find one that fits your style and your comfort. 

Yoga tops, tanks, and long-sleeved tees

Yes, it’s totally okay to wear just a sports bra as your top when doing yoga. It’s also totally okay to wear another shirt on top if you don’t love baring your midriff. 

If you want more than a sports bra, go for it. Breathable muscle tanks and tank tops are perfect for yoga. You can also wear long sleeves of pullovers if you want to bump up the heat. 

Pro tip: Choose tops with broad or low necklines, or open backs. You release a lot of heat through your chest and back so you want a top that helps you stay cool.

Legendary leggings

As for bottoms, you probably already have an idea of what to wear to yoga: leggings, of course! Just like sports bras, yoga pants are also surprisingly versatile these days. 

Traditional yoga leggings are high-waisted, and are available in various pant lengths, from full-length to ankle or capris. You can also go super boho with a pair of harem pants or joggers. For you, hot yogis out there, consider yoga shorts.

Don’t forget about shorties (that’s the name for those cute yoga leotards), either! 

Stay warm with a coverup

Depending on your style of yoga, the room is going to be heated. Hatha and vinyasa flows can be in rooms ranging from 78 to 95 degrees, while Bikram classes crank it up over 100 and add in humidity. Bottom line: you’re going to sweat. 

So, you’ll probably want a coverup to wear, or something to change into before or after class. Cropped hoodies, wraps, and long-sleeved tees are all great options. 

Yoga at HomeDoing yoga at home? Here’s what to wear

You might be doing yoga at home, but you can still look cute. Rock your same yoga outfits that you would at the studio! 

Depending on your house, you may need to get a bit more creative to recreate that hot room environment. This is when long-sleeved tees, ski jackets, and a space heater become your best friends.

If it’s the summer, you can always head outside in your sports bra and leggings. Stretch, meditate, and work on your tan at the same time! Get it, girl.

Looking for more yoga outfit inspiration? Check out our Pinterest board!

Roam often, stay stylish.

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