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How to Tie a Scarf

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How to Tie a Scarf

So scarfs look great and all, but how the heck are you supposed to tie them?

We feel your confusion! That’s why we put together this guide for tying your scarf. No matter what type of scarf you’ve got, you’ll find a bunch of cute ideas here.

Read on!

7 chic ways to tie a scarf

Try these tips to wear your scarfs in style.

1. Feel like an A-lister with a celebrity knot

This scarf-tying style gets its name from the celebs who made it famous. Here’s how to do it. Lie the scarf around your neck, then loop one side around again. Tie two corners of your scarf together in a loose half knot, and adjust. Cute and cozy!

Perfect for: traditional scarfs, blanket scarfs

Woman tying a celebrity knot scarf

2. Put the scarf in "blanket scarf"

Blanket scarfs are our favorite because you get a scarf, and a blanket in one! What’s not to love?

To wear yours like a traditional scarf, fold it in half lengthwise. Then drape it around your neck, leaving one side about twice as long as the other. Take that longer side and wrap it around your neck one more time. Tuck the end of it through the loop you’ve created in front, and adjust for comfort. 

Perfect for: traditional scarfs, blanket scarfs

3. Level up with a pretzel knot

For just a bit more complexity, tie your scarf with a pretzel knot. Start by folding the scarf in half. (If using a blanket scarf, fold it first so that you have a rectangle, and then fold that rectangle in half). 

Next, lay the scarf around your neck, so the closed loop is on one side. Pull one end of your scarf through the loop, like you would when tying a basic scarf loop. Then, take the other end and lie it on top of that loop. Tuck it under and pull it through the other way. Super secure, and sophisticated! 

Perfect for: traditional scarfs, blanket scarfs

Woman tying a pretzel knot

Image from TheWhoot

4. Make your scarf a necklace! 

Lie the scarf around your shoulders. Then tie a knot on one side, and then tie a knot on the other. You should now have a scarf with two knots, but the end is still open. Take those ends, tie then together. Then loop that “closure” around the back of your neck, so the knots are in front. 

Perfect for: silk scarfs

5. Do the (French) twist

French twists aren’t just for your hair. Here’s how to tie your scarf with a French knot. Fold the scarf in half and drape it around your shoulders. Take one of the loose ends, pull it around and through the loop in front. Then repeat with the other end. Oh so chic! 

Perfect for: any scarf

6. Embrace your inner cowgirl

To tie your scarf like a kerchief, fold the scarf in half along the diagonal to form a triangle. Hold it out in front of you, with your hands holding either corner of the long side of the triangle. 

Then take the corners from the long side and wrap them around your neck until the scarf starts to bunch up toward your chin. Bring the corners to the front so you can tie them in a loose knot, or tuck them into the folds of your scarf. Yeehaw!

Perfect for: traditional scarfs, square scarfs, blanket scarfs

Woman Tying a Blanket Scarf

Image from

7. Wrap up in a poncho

To tie your blanket scarf into a poncho, hold the scarf out in front of you. Fold over the top a little bit, and drape it over your shoulders, with the folded part behind your shoulders. Then, slide your arms under so the scarf is draped poncho-style. Pro tip: add a belt to keep it in place! 

Perfect for: blanket scarfs

Psst… if you don’t have one of these in your closet yet, The Travelista by Roam Often was made for you. This practically perfect blanket scarf is ready to go anywhere, from your office to the couch to the plane. Choose one in your favorite color now.

Looking for even more ways to tie your scarf? We’ve got them. Check out our Pinterest board for step-by-step tutorials and scarf style ideas.

Roam often, stay stylish.

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