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WFH Outfits

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WFH Outfits

So, times are weird right now. 

If you’re having trouble getting used to #socialisolation (oops, we mean #socialdistancing) life, we are totally there with you. Our whole world suddenly changed, and we all feel a little tired, worried, and all-around on edge right now.

If working from home is new to you, things might feel especially off-kilter. That’s okay. We’re all in this together.

One way to make working from home feel more normal is to get dressed for work. Don’t worry. There’s no need to put on heels. But, choosing an outfit helps get those creative juices flowing again, and breaks up the monotony of working in your PJs. 

So, let’s lift our spirits and take a look at some cute work-from-home outfits. We’ve got ideas for your everyday work-from-home life as well as those dreaded video conferences (the worst, but doable!). Read below or watch our quick video for WFH inspiration.

Everyday Work From Home Outfits

For your everyday work-from-home outfits, the key is to stay comfy, but stylish, to keep your "normal" routine going. 

Working from home is all about the sweats, baby. Who wears jeans? These can be your boyfriend’s baggiest gym sweats, a versatile pair of joggers you can wear during that midday IG Live yoga session, or those yoga pants that make your butt look great. 

Honestly, wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. Personally, we love a sweatsuit. They’re fun and totally adorable. Plus, they come with a top to match!

If you couldn’t tell, we're all about the loungewear. You can chase after the kids, read, work, and just feel good as much as possible (and we all need a little bit of that right now!).

Check out our Everyday WFH Style Pinterest Board for more outfit ideas.

Work From Home Outfits for Video Conferences

It’s so funny how quickly a video conference call can mess with your whole work-from-home lifestyle, free of makeup, bras, heels, and the works. Fortunately, you don’t have to do all that to look presentable for a video conference. Here are a few easy style tips for video conference outfits.

For tops, a flowy blouse always works. It’s loose so you can breathe and feel comfortable, but still, look completely professional. For those sales calls or meetings with the big boss, throw on a blazer to tap into your “I’ve got this” attitude.

As for the bottoms… technically, do we even need them? NOPE! You can totally get away with wearing sweats, pajama bottoms, or running shorts when you’re on a video call. No one will ever know. 

Although, it may make you feel more comfortable to “complete the look,” so to speak. We like a pair of black leggings for this. They look like your work pants, without feeling like your work pants.

Don’t forget. Once you get off the call, you can change back into your everyday work-from-home outfit. It’s time to feel comfy again!

Check out our Video Conference Outfits Pinterest Board for more outfit ideas.

Women at Computer in a cute WFH outfit3 Tips for Looking Even More Fabulous on a Video Conference Call

  1. Light up your face. Set up a lamp or light towards your face (or have your computer positioned between you and a window with the blinds up). This helps you avoid being backlit and lets everyone see your gorgeous face. 
  2. Use Zoom’s airbrushing feature. Zoom has a special  “Touch up my appearance” feature (you can find it in your video settings). This gives your face a soft focus, and trust us, it is a game changer!
  3. Keep your travel jewelry case close by. Store a pair of classic studs and a pretty chain necklace inside. Whenever you hop on your next video conference, put on your jewelry and you’ll instantly look ultra put together. 

We normally sign off our blogs inspiring you to roam often, stay stylish. Since our ability to roam is a bit limited at the moment, we’ll leave you with a few words of encouragement instead. 

Whatever you are wearing to get through this is enough. YOU are enough! We just wanted to pass on some super cute outfits because it’s going to be awhile before the Coronavirus is behind us, and it makes us smile to put together outfit ideas and think about what we could wear one day… when we can leave our houses again. 

Until then, hang in there, girl! And don’t roam, stay at home! 😘

WFH Outfit Tips - Working From Home Outfit Ideas

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