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Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide

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Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide

Like everything in 2020, the holidays are going to look a little different this year. Okay, a lot different.

But, they’re still a time to spark joy. In that spirit, we’ve rounded up ten of our favorite stocking stuffers for travelers. 

Read on for gift ideas for the world wanderers, road trippers, and jet setters in your life. And feel free to gift yourself, too! 

10 Stocking Stuffers for Travelistas

These travel-themed stocking stuffers will tide you over until air travel is a thing again. Until then, you can totally use them on road trips and weekend getaways.

1. The Lift Hairtie Bangle by Roam Often

The Lift Hairtie Bangle - Roam Often

Our own hairtie bangle is that perfect combo of functional yet fashionable. Available in three shiny shades, it has a groove for your hairtie and an engraved “Roam Often” motto to keep you inspired and feeling good. From December 1st through the 18th, you can snag 20% off and free shipping!


2. Travel Candle by Backhouse Fragrances

Travel Candle - Backhouse Fragrances

 Photo credit: Backhouse Fragrances

These miniature candles were made for traveling. Make your hotel, airbnb, or tent all your own with your favorite scent. We love their beautiful packaging. They’ve also got gift boxes for the holidays.


3. Cleaning Products by Cleaner Soul

Cleaning Products - Cleaner Soul

Photo credit: Cleaner Soul

We love Cleaner Soul because they’re an Orange County-based, women-owned brand just like us! Their non-toxic, environmentally-friendly cleaning products will keep you (and your hotel room) feeling fresh and clean on any trip. For the traveler’s stocking, we recommend the hand sanitizer, air and fabric refresher, and lip balm.

4. Portable Flatware Set by Designworks Ink 

Portable Flatware Set - Designworks Ink

Photo credit: Designworks Ink

Dine in style on the go with this portable flatware set. It includes a reusable knife, spoon, fork, straw, straw cleaner, and chopsticks. Enjoy an eco-friendly meal and a laugh with their humorous storage case that tells you to “Have a knife day!”


5. Don’t Touch That! Keychain by Pieces of Me

Don't Touch That! Keychain - Pieces of Me

Photo credit: Pieces of Me

This woman-founded jewelry brand’s got plenty of bracelets, necklaces, and earrings to catch your eye, but we love the ingenuity of this keychain. Available in four colors, you can apply it to open doors, press buttons, and even use touch screens. Keep your fingers germ-free while traveling and in your day-to-day life. 

Pro tip: Accessorize yours with their keychain charms and wristlets. 


6. Sheet Masks by FaceTory

Sheet Masks - Facetory

Photo credit: FaceTory

Another local OC brand, Fullerton-based FaceTory has a fun collection of face masks you can buy single-sheet or in a bundle (like their FaceTory Original 11 Sheet Mask Collection). Give the gift of a mini spa moment during the hectic holiday season. These masks fit in any bag so it’s easy to rejuvenate after a flight or a long day of traveling. 


7. Moisturizing Aloe Travel Socks by Earth Therapeutics

Moisturizing Aloe Travel Socks - Earth Therapeutics

Photo credit: Earth Therapeutics

Every traveler needs a comfortable pair of socks to slip on during their flight or in their hotel room after a long day! We recommend these ultra-soft socks, infused with moisturizing aloe vera, so your feet feel cool, smooth, and refreshed. No more tired toes for you!


8. Hand Cream by Gum Tree

Hand Cream - Gum Tree

Photo credit: Gum Tree

Hand cream is always good to have on hand (pun intended!), but especially when you’re traveling to climates that may dry out your skin. We recommend Wanderflower’s Lavender & Fig Hand Cream. The vegan-friendly formula smells lovely, and it’s paraben- and cruelty-free. Plus, you can upcycle the box as a pretty holder for your pencils or makeup brushes.


9. Luggage Tag

Luggage Tag - So Good So Wood

Photo credit: So Good So Wood

No list of stocking stuffers for travelers would be complete without a luggage tag! You can find a ton of cute options on Etsy, but a few of our favorites are these personalized leather luggage tags from SoGoodSoWood (pictured above) and the faux vegan leather ones from LoveandLuxeHandmade


10. Passport Cover

Passport Cover - CMTImpressions

Photo credit: CMTImpressions

Like PB&J, luggage tags and passport covers belong together. So, why not gift them together? ThreeTwo1 offers a matching set. You can also buy a passport cover as a standalone gift from SoGoodSoWood or CMTImpressions (pictured above).


Looking for more gift ideas? Check out our Holiday Gift Guide!

Roam often, stay stylish.

Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide - Holiday Gift

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