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2020 Holiday Gift Guide

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2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Need to get gifts for your travel-loving girlfriends and sisters (and maybe yourself)? You’re in the right place.

Read on or watch the video for our collection of handpicked items for the Travelista! Whatever your budget, we got you. 


Gifts for Travelistas: $25 and under

1. Journal & Stationery Products

Journals - M. Lovewell

Photo credit: M. Lovewell

It’s great to have a notebook with you while traveling. It’s a place to jot down recommendations, journal about your travels, and draw. You can also stash a few cards in there in case you want to leave someone a thank you note. You can even pick up postcards when you’re out and about so you have something fun to send when you get back home. 

You can find notebooks at your local stationery spot. Don’t have one? Our personal favorite is M. Lovewell. They’re a women-owned brand from Orange County (just like Roam Often!), and they’ve got a fab collection of blank notebooks with artsy covers.  

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Gifts for Travelistas: $50 and under

1. The Wanderer Jewelry Travel Case by Roam Often

The Wanderer Jewelry Travel Case - Roam Often

Every traveler needs a place to safely store their jewelry. Even better if it can double as a wallet and passport holder! The Wanderer jewelry travel case by Roam Often fits the bill. Did we mention you can get 20% off and free shipping from December 1st through the 18th? For a sweet surprise, buy a jewelry piece from Etsy and store it inside before gifting. 

2. The Travelista Travel Blanket Scarf by Roam Often

The Travelista Travel Blanket Scarf - Roam Often

It’s no fun traveling with a big bulky coat on, and we all know those airplane blankets hardly do anything. Enter The Travelista, a stylish blanket scarf you can wear anywhere inspiration takes you! It’s made from comfy anti-static material and comes in dark and light options. Get 20% off and free shipping from December 1st through the 18th.

3. The Jessy Water Bottle Holder by Minga 

The Jessy Water Bottle Holder - Minga

Photo credit: Minga

Perfect for day hikes and trotting the globe, this eco-friendly water bottle holder lets you carry your hydration on the go. It’s made from natural plant fibers and your choice of a tanned leather or vegan braided strap. 

4. Nomadix Towel by Nomadix

Nomadix Towel - Nomadix

Photo credit: Nomadix

Nomadix Towels are designed for travel, and everything else, too. Made from 100% recycled materials, this may be the only towel you’ll ever need. Use it for yoga, beach days, traveling, camping, you-name it!

5. Curated Gift Boxes

The Relax Gift Box - Gum Tree

Photo credit: Gum Tree

Curated gift boxes are a convenient way to get a few, thoughtfully selected items in one beautiful package for the traveler in your life. You can choose one themed around travel, self care, relaxation — all things your frequent flyer needs.

We recommend The Relax Box from Gum Tree, a Los Angeles brand founded by a husband and wife team. It’s got a bath bomb, nourishing sheet mask, and CBD-infused green tea. You can use these items the first night after a long flight, or simply to relax at home during the holidays.

6. The Road Trip Book: 1001 Drives of a Lifetime

The Road Trip Book: 1001 Drives of a Lifetime

Photo credit: The Road Trip Book: 1001 Drives of a Lifetime

In need of some COVID-friendly travel inspiration? Look no further than this book, packed with over 1,000 road trip itineraries all over the world. Pick it up at your local bookstore.

Psst… Have you seen our road trip guides for the East Coast, West Coast, and Middle of the USA? Check ‘em out!

7. Wine & Spirits  

Wine - Dreamcôte Wine Co

Photo credit: Dreamcôte Wine Co

Okay, okay, so maybe this isn’t strictly travel-related, but it’s always a good idea to have a bottle of wine on hand for hostess gifts in the holiday season. We love wine shopping while wine tasting because it gives us funny stories to share when gifting. 

You can also find unique wines at your local wine shop. One of our SoCal faves is the all-organic Bar and Garden in Culver City. 

No time to get to a winery? No problem. Order online from Dreamcôte Wine Co (pictured above). They have a super cute aesthetic with labels you’ll want to cut out and save. They also have amazing jewelry and gifts at their tasting room in Los Olivos, CA, if you’re ever able to make a trip!

For all the non-wine drinkers out there, there’s Off Hours Bourbon, a sleek and smooth bourbon brand. 

8. Play ‘n Pack, City from Norman & Jules 

Play 'n Pack, City - Norman & Jules

Photo credit: Norman & Jules

Who says adults have all the fun? You gotta get something for the mini travelistas on your list! Brooklyn-based children’s boutique Norman & Jules has just the thing. Their Play ‘n Pack, City knapsack includes all sorts of stickers, crayons, toys, and activity cards. It’s perfect for keeping kids entertained and creative, whether you’re in the air or on the road.

Gifts for Travelistas: $100 and under

1. Jewelry 

Jewelry - Jurate

 Photo credit: Jurate

Forget souvenirs! Commemorate your trips with a special jewelry item. Gift your travel lover with a chic piece they can pack in their Wanderer travel jewelry case and wear on their trip. We love LA-based, women-run Jurate Jewelry. Their prices range quite a bit but there are some fantastic pieces for under $100. We especially love their hoop earrings!

2. Performance Jogger by Vuori 

Performance Joggers - Vuori

Photo credit: Vuori

We were thrilled when joggers made it onto the scene. They’re casual yet fitted, perfect for the airport, and totally fashionable. SoCal brand Vuori’s joggers are seriously the best ever! They’re insanely comfortable and cute, and the brand is all about sustainability. For traveling in comfort and style, go with their women’s Performance Joggers

3. Travel Hammock

Travel Hammock - Hangloose Hammocks Hawaii

Photo credit: Hangloose Hammocks Hawaii

Whether you’re headed to the beach or into the woods, you deserve some you time. Take in the smells and sounds of nature, and let the breeze sway you in a parachute silk hammock from Hangloose Hammocks Hawaii. They’ve got tons of color options to make your next camping trip full of rest and relaxation.


Happy holidays, and happy gift giving! If you like this blog, check out our Stocking Stuffers for Travelers Guide.

Roam often, stay stylish.

2020 Holiday Gift Guide - Holiday Gift Ideas for Travelers - Girl Wrapping Gift

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