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What to Wear Wine Tasting

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What to Wear Wine Tasting

Whether you’re headed to your local winery or California’s wine country (a must-do on any West Coast road trip), wine tasting is sure to be a good time. You can hang with your girls, have fun with the fam, or spend a day with your main squeeze — chatting, checking out the vineyards, and, of course, drinking!

You know you’re going to have fun, but you may not know what you’re going to wear. 

Don’t worry. We share our best outfit ideas for wine tasting in style.

Girl Wine Tasting - Roam Often

What to wear wine tasting in the spring and summer

All the wine may distract you from the temperature outside, but it can get a bit hot — dare we say balmy — in the spring and summer. That’s why we recommend wearing something breathable to a winery. Some of our favorite choices are flouncy summer dresses, strappy midi dresses, and cute jumpsuits.

Pretty floral patterns and shades of white look amazing when you’re outside. 

What to Wear Wine Tasting - Roam Often

Any of these look great with boots, including ankle booties and cowboy boots. Depending on how much walking you’ll be doing, especially on the grounds, you want a closed-toe shoe that offers good support. You never know what kind of sand, dirt, cobble stones, or grass you’ll run into!

What to wear wine tasting in the fall and winter

Repeat after us: cute and cozy. That’s your style mantra for wine tasting during the cooler months. 

Wine Tasting Outfits - Roam Often

Jeans are a solid option, and they look fabulous with a cozy sweater and thigh-high boots. For a playful twist, wear a pair of overalls with a long-sleeved shirt. If it’s not too cold out, you could get away with a maxi skirt and a jean jacket to stay warm.

Pro Tip: If you’re not sure where the weather will go that day, bring along a blanket scarf. You can wrap it around your neck, wear it vest-style, or bundle up if you’re sipping a Cab on the patio.

As for color, let the season dictate your color palette. Blacks, dark shades, and flannel patterns fit right in.

Accessories and everything else

Time to put the final touches on your winery outfit! Here’s what you’ll need, any time of year.

  • Your favorite pair of sunglasses: It can be sunny even when it’s cool outside, and that’s especially true in wine country. 
  • A broad-brimmed hat: Stay safe from those UV rays while keeping it stylish.
  • Jewelry: A few tasteful pieces complete the look. Personally, we love a fashion watch, hairtie bangle, or simple pendant necklace.
  • A small purse: Stash your phone, wallet, and lip gloss in a cross-body bag or mini straw tote.

We’ll leave you with one last tip when planning your winery outfit. Make sure you wear something you won’t cry over if it gets a little wine on it!

Want more wine tasting outfit ideas? Check out our Pinterest board!

Roam often, stay stylish.

What to Wear Wine Tasting - Roam Often

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