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Winter Activities & Outfits

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Winter Activities & Outfits

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Why not show it in your outfits? 

The holiday season is packed with all sorts of fun winter activities you can enjoy, and your outfit can bring just a little bit more holiday cheer to the occasion. 

Below we share ideas for what to wear to your winter activities this year, whether you’re chilling at the ski lodge or doing something more active like ice skating or sledding.

But first, let’s cover your winter outfit essentials. These will form the basis of most outfits you’ll wear, so be sure to stock your wardrobe:

    • Beanie
    • Scarf
    • Gloves or mittens
    • Coat
    • Puffy jacket or vest
    • Long sleeve tops and sweaters
    • Leggings
    • Thick socks

Now, on to the outfits!

What to Wear Ice Skating

You’re going to be channeling your inner Michelle Kwan in no time, so make sure you wear something you can move in! We recommend jeans or thick leggings (if you fall, you’ll be thankful for a little padding!) Top it off with a sweater and accessories to stay warm. 

Ice skating is all about fun, so let your personality shine with a pretty patterned sweater or even one that shimmers. Don’t forget to wear some socks with serious cushioning!

Girl Ice Skating Outfit - Roam Often

Pretty Outfits for Looking at Lights

Looking at lights is a bit less rigorous, activity-wise, so you have more room for fashion here. We love a pencil skirt and sweater paired with chunky boots and thick tights. Layer with a scarf or jacket for warmth. 

You can also wear jeans with a long-sleeved top and a patterned blanket scarf for some visual interest. 

Feel free to add some sparkle, too. A pair of earrings, a bracelet here or there, and a nice necklace complete the look.

What to Wear Après-Ski

The ski lodge is the place for patterned sweaters. They’re even their own fashion category. Just Google “women’s ski sweaters” to see what we mean. 

It makes sense. Sweaters are cozy, chic, and go great with a mug of spiked hot chocolate. A ski sweater paired with thermal leggings is always in style at the lodge. Overalls are also a super cute look. 

Bring your beanie and gloves in case you step out on the balcony to take in the views. 

Girl in Winter Outfit - Roam Often

Warm Outfits for Building a Snowman

Cue the Frozen soundtrack. It’s time to bust out your favorite puffy jacket or vest. A vest or a blanket scarf can be a better idea if it’s sunny out and you tend to work up a sweat. 

You’ll also want to swap the wool gloves for some waterproof mittens since you’ll be handling the snow. On that note, winter boots are a smart choice to keep your toes dry. 

Pay homage to Frosty with a beanie and scarf!

What to Wear Sledding

Oh what fun it is to ride! A puffy or softshell jacket is the way to go when you’re getting dressed to go sledding, just in case you end up tumbling around in the snow. It’s part of the fun, right?

Then, it’s all about layers. Depending on how cold it is, and the windchill factor, layer on a long-sleeved tee and maybe even a cami underneath. Wear some thick leggings and bundle up with a beanie and gloves.

For more winter outfit ideas, check out our Pinterest board!

Roam often, stay stylish.

Girl in Winter Outfit - Roam Often

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