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What to Wear in Charlotte, NC

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What to Wear in Charlotte, NC

North Carolina is one of the more popular states for local and international travelers, and Charlotte is the heart of it all. Unique culinary or brewery experiences, museums, live music, shopping, sports, outdoor adventures, and historical tours, there is plenty to experience in the Queen City. 

Style Tips to Follow in Charlotte, NC

Also known as the Queen City, Charlotte, NC is a Southern jewel for one-of-a-kind attractions and unique beauty. A melting pot of culture and history, there is so much to see from natural beauty to metropolitan splendor. Vintage floral patterns and dresses are the two top style tips that won’t lead you astray, no matter what style is your go-to.

Girl in sunglasses smiling with her hair blowing over her face.

Your Outfit Inspirations for Charlotte, NC

Between March and May or September, you’ll see temperatures with highs of 64 to 80s. If you plan on visiting during those times (which we suggest as the weather is gorgeous), we’ve compiled the perfect inspiration list for your outfits no matter the occasion. From beautiful green spaces to a diverse selection of activities, we’ve got plenty to choose from below and on our Pinterest board.

Charlotte Outfit #1: Daytime Excursions

For those days where you’re trying to fit in the most activities, we’ve got a few outfit inspirations that can apply to a day exploring the town, grabbing lunch, lounging by the lake, or visiting museums. During the beautiful seasons, you can easily wear a comfortable, flowy dress or a pair of paper bag style shorts with a nice top.

Charlotte Outfit #2: Sports & Amusement Outings

You can still look stylish while enjoying local sporting events and amusement parks. Pairing your jean shorts with a simple top, cute slip-on shoes, and a handbag is a safe move — but still very much picture-worthy. Top it off with a “messy” bun or some wind-whipped hair and you’ll be good to go, anywhere really!

Charlotte Outfit #3: Nightlife Entertainment

Whether you’re enjoying dinner and drinks at a local brewery or bar hopping in Uptown Charlotte, we’ve got the perfect outfits no matter the vibes. You can go casual chic with a pair of jean shorts and a tank top with a hat and a nice blazer, or you can dazzle them with a gorgeous dress. 

No matter your adventures, you’re ready for a trip to Charlotte, NC as long as you have your favorite jewelry pieces and accessories picked out. And, what better way to store them than in a travel jewelry case designed to keep them from bending, tangling, and tarnishing! 

Follow us on Pinterest for more outfit inspirations for your trip to Charlotte and beyond!

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