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What to Wear in Ojai, CA

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What to Wear in Ojai, CA

Ojai draws travelers of all types every year with its bohemian vibe, small-town charm, and scenic setting. Nestled in one of the few east-west valleys in the world, it offers a serene escape about 80 miles northwest of LA. Whether you’re a lover of nature, a foodie, or an artist, you’ll fall in love with the peaceful little town.

Style Tips to Follow in Ojai

If you’re spending time soaking in the hot springs, exploring the countryside, or attending one of the valley’s cultural events, we’ve got plenty of outfit options for you. From September to October as well as April and May, the weather perfectly hovers between the 70s and 80s. 


While there is a lot of nature around, there are also a lot of mom-and-pop restaurants and cute cafes that serve anything from artisan foods to local organic produce. With its bohemian vibes, dresses and light, airy clothing is the perfect go-to's to keep you cool but still blend in with the scenery. 

Girl sitting on a cliff watching the sunset over the valley.

3 Outfit Inspirations for Ojai, CA

Light canvas and cloth dresses are practical and stylish outfits that go with any of the weather predictions during peak times. If you’re looking for inspiration on how to style them or what to shop for, here are some outfit inspirations based on what activities you’ll be doing for the day.

Ojai Outfit #1: Daytime Casual

Whether you’re attending an art gallery or dining at one of the local restaurants, there’s plenty of ways you can still look cute, casual, and really embrace the bohemian style and natural colors of Ojai. A sundress or light shirt paired with a sunhat can make for the perfect instagram photo.

Ojai Outfit #2: Exploring Nature

If you’re looking to explore Ojai nature with hikes, horseback riding, or a picnic at the park, there are plenty of ways that you can dress up while still being comfortable enough on a hike. A pair of jean shorts with a tank-top and a cute jacket is the way to go. Or, if you find it’s a little cooler, a flowy top with a pair of jean pants is also another stylish but comfy route.

Ojai Outfit #3: Classy Chic

For an outfit more suited at night for a dinner or some wine in the nice weather, these outfits are great inspiration. Jumpers, chic dresses, and matching tops and bottoms are just a few ideas for what you can wear out. 


In reality, the weather in Ojai, CA is amazing and you can’t go wrong. For more outfit inspirations for your next vacation, follow us on Pinterest for your trip to Ojai or other places!

And, when you’re packing your outfits, don’t forget your favorite accessories and jewelries. Make sure that you store them safely in your suitcase with a travel jewelry case so your necklaces and bracelets don’t get all tangled up. The last thing you want to do is spend your time untangling your favorite necklace or having to buy new jewelry.

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