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What to Wear in Hawaii

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What to Wear in Hawaii

Aloha, lady! Are you headed to Hawaii?

You’ve got sun, sand, and surf to look forward to, along with Hawaii’s unique island style. 

Sure, any kind of tropical wear fits right in in Hawaii, but the Aloha State has its own special aesthetic that makes packing for Hawaii just a little more fun—if you’re up for it (and we know you are!).

Read on for our best tips on what to wear in Hawaii. You’ll stay cool and breezy, but ultra beachy, with these stylish essentials. 


Tropical Color Inspiration

Hawaii is a tropical paradise, so bright and airy colors are what it’s all about. More than that, though, patterns are in here—specifically, Hawaiian print!

That’s right. Get a skirt with hibiscus flowers and rock it like the tropical island beauty you are!

Beyond hibiscus, other popular island patterns include leafy prints and fruit-inspired designs. Our one tip here would be to not go overboard. Wear one item featuring your bold print, and help it stand out by keeping everything else solid. 

Woman in stylish clothes on Hawaii BeachHawaiian Outfit Essentials

If we could summarize Hawaiian fashion in one word, it’d be this: Relax! Your outfits should be and feel easy. Think something you can just throw on and leave.

You’re on island time now, so dress like it! For the ultimate easy-breezy style, go for an effortlessly chic romper, jumpsuit, or minidress. 

You’ll also be swimming, so cute cover-ups are a must. And for your swimsuit, we totally encourage you to splurge on a hibiscus two-piece just for your trip. You’ll always have something to remember Hawaii by! 

If cover-ups aren’t your thing, pack your favorite pair of denim shorts and a crop top or tee. Have fun with it!

If you’re going on a luau (which we highly recommend), dress up for the occasion with a midi tropical number or show-stopping Hawaiian dress!

Sunny Travel Accessories

Nothing completes a Hawaiian look like a beachy hat and sunglasses. There’s a lot of sun and bugs in Hawaii — it’s a tropical destination, after all — so always have a bottle of bug spray and sunscreen ready in your bag. Speaking of which, a straw cross-body or handbag looks good with any Hawaiian outfit. 

As for shoes - do we even have to tell you? Sandals, of course. Bring along a pair of wedges for your dressier outfits or the luau. 

What kind of jewelry should you wear in Hawaii? Island jewelry is usually pretty minimal (so as not to distract from that beautiful lei or flower in your hair). Keep it simple with a pair of earrings or a pendant necklace, or layer on the bangles and braided bracelets. 

When you’re ready for a swim or hike, you can place your jewelry in The Wanderer so it stays protected from sand and ocean water until you’re ready to wear it again.

One Last Packing Tip for Hawaii

After you pack, remember to relax. Hawaii is all about vacation. Let what you wear help you get in tune with the island. Feel the breeze, feel the sand, and feel the sun. Aloha!

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Roam often, stay stylish.

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