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How to Style Joggers for Travel

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How to Style Joggers for Travel

When at the airport, there are definitely a variety of travelers and the styles they follow. There are those who roll out of bed, ready to spend their flight enjoying a power nap, and there are those who are put together and ready to attend cocktail hour the moment the plane lands. Then, there are those travelers that are in between: you want to look like you put in some effort it, but you don’t want to be uncomfortable on the plane.

Joggers and the comfy pant trends are here to stay, and that’s for our benefit. Not only are joggers extremely comfortable and keep you warm on a plane, but they are also easy to dress up and down depending on what look you’re going for. In this article, we’ll give you a few different ways that you can style joggers for your travels.

3 Ways to Style Joggers for Travel

Joggers are the dressy version of sweatpants. You have the same level of comfort without them being too baggy or too much like pajamas. Here are X ways to style joggers for travel whether you’re aiming for the “rolled out of bed look”, “put together look”, or somewhere in between.

1. The Casual Look

Taking the casual route doesn’t mean you don’t have to look cute and put together! Pairing joggers with a pair of white sneakers is not only a convenient way to style for the airport, but it also leaves your options wide open with tops and accessories to pair it with.

The type of top you wear will depend on the weather you’re traveling back and forth from or if you tend to get chilly on planes. A sporty tank top or graphic tee is always a great way to give your joggers a little bit of an edge away from being too casual, and the type of jacket you pair can also make a difference. Sometimes a jean jacket or moto can add a bit of flare where you’re looking for when going for a more casual, put-together look.

2. Instagram-Ready Look

If you love posing for the camera and sticking with an aesthetic, then a monochromatic look is a great way to pair joggers, maintain comfortability, and capture influencer-level airport photos.

This option may even be easier than the casual look. All you need is a top that is the same color as the joggers you own. This top could be a tank top, t-shirt, sweater, sweatshirt—you name it. The colors don’t have to be exactly the same, but matching close together is a formula that never fails. Bonus points if you can coordinate with your luggage!

3. Dinner-Ready Look

If you want to still be comfy in a nice pair of joggers but also want to make those important cocktail and dinner reservations, this style might be more fitting for you. When we hear “joggers”, we may think of cotton or nylon material, but fashion stores like Express and Zara have pleather joggers that are still comfy and breathable.

A pair of these joggers paired with a simple t-shirt, long sleeve, or loose-fitting button up will still keep you comfortable on your flight while showcasing your style. A few simple jewelry staple pieces like small hoops and dainty rings will really wrap it all together without bothering you during your flight.

Style Your Joggers with Roam Often Accessories

At Roam Often, we have the travel accessories you need to style with your joggers to help make your flight a breeze. With our Travelista Blanket Scarf and The Lift Hair Tie Bangle, you can add a bit of style and functionality to your outfit to keep you warm and tie your hair back. The Wanderer Travel Jewelry Case packs into your carry on or checked back to keep your jewelry safe and secure as you travel to your next adventure.

Check out our website for other travel and fashion tips, or to shop our travel accessories.

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