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What to Wear to an Interview

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What to Wear to an Interview

The outfit you wear to your interview can be just as important as what’s on your resume. We’ve all heard different advice on the dress code for job interviews: dress to impress, dress for the job you want and not the job you have, etc.

No matter what type of industry your interview is for, you want to make a positive impression while still appearing suitable for the position. Below are tips on what to wear for an interview, from commonly heard ideas to examples of outfits based on the type of dress code.

Interview Outfit Tips

To help select your interview attire, we’ve come up with three important tips to follow when choosing your outfit.

Tip #1: Research the company’s dress code

Dress codes can differ significantly based on whether or not the company is formal or casual and if it’s a more creative environment. For example, a fitness instructor might wear business casual for the interview and athletic attire for a physical demonstration of training approaches. The same goes for the medical field; you might wear business casual for the interview even though you’ll be wearing scrubs or lab coats on the job. Research the company’s dress code and don’t be afraid to ask.

Tip #2: Dress for the interview location

Where your interview will take place can also determine your outfit choice. If it’s over Zoom, you might consider colors that contrast the background so you stand out and do not clash. For an onsite interview, keep physical comfort in mind. Will it be air-conditioned or heated?

Tip #3: Common rules of thumb

There are a few common rules that may slip your mind as you start to prepare for your interview. First is that you should dress one step up from those in the workplace. If the company offers a casual jeans and T-shirt environment, maybe wear a pair of non-denim pants and a nicer shirt. 

Interview Outfit Tips

Next is, even if you have to wear a tie and button-down, make sure you prioritize feeling comfortable and confident. You don’t want your clothes to restrict movement or irritate your skin. This way, you can focus on the conversation with your potential employer.

Finally, make sure that your garments are clean, free of wrinkles or tears, and fit properly. Whether you’re formal or more casual, these details can polish any look.

What to Wear for a Formal Interview

Corporate companies and specific business industries like law firms and finance may require a more formal dress code. An appropriate interview outfit might include a suit, blouse, button-down shirt, a modest dress, dress shoes, close-toed shoes, stockings, or nylons. Make sure you wear minimal jewelry and light, natural tones for your makeup.

What to Wear for a Casual Interview

Tech companies and startups tend to offer a more casual environment. You may see employees wearing a broad range of attire from khakis and button-downs to jeans, T-shirts, and hoodies. For this interview, you can aim for a more business casual look rather than hoodie casual. Business casual can be a blend of formal and casual attire like non-denim pants, blazers, button-down shirts, blouses, dresses, and skirts that are not part of a business suit. Take this as an opportunity to let a little bit of your personality shine.

If you’re looking for outfit inspiration to help you figure out what to wear to your next interview, check out our Pinterest board where we’ve compiled ideas for different environments. 

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For more ideas for wherever life takes you next, check out our blog and follow us on Pinterest!

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