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What to Wear in Nashville

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Nashville Style - Welcome to the Music City by Roam Often

Home to legendary venues like the Grand Ole Opry, the CMA Musical Festival, and a plethora of past and present country rock stars like Johnny Cash and Luke Bryan, it’s the perfect place to get a healthy dose of some good Southern hospitality. Whether you’re looking to dine at some revolutionary restaurants that go beyond biscuits and barbeque or late nights on Honky Tonk Row, you’ll need a wardrobe to tackle it.

Below, we’ll help you pack for your trip with some outfit inspiration, especially if you plan on going between April - Oct and avoid high temps during mid-May and mid-Sept.

Nashville Style Tips to Follow

There is no doubt you’ll spot quite a few Nashville locals sporting cowboy hats and boots. That doesn’t mean you can’t wear them, and it doesn’t mean you have to! Cowboy hats and boots are perfect for the nights out at honky tonk bars, but they’re not going to be comfortable for long days spent walking around and seeing tourist attractions.

Nashville’s style is relaxed but trendy, so you’d do well with breezy sundresses or quality denim paired with a cute and trendy top. Depending on how the weather looks, you’ll even find some Nashville natives rocking dark denim, leather boots, and jackets. 

Black and white image of a girl wearing all black and black cowboy hat

3 Outfit Inspirations for Nashville

If you’re someone who’s really looking forward to rocking out in your cowboy boots, go for it! But, if you’re looking to spice things up a bit, here are some fun outfit inspirations based on what you’ll be doing for the day — or night!


Outfit #1: Daytime Casual

There are plenty of ways you can keep it chill and comfy while still styling the Nashville vibes. A classic pair of denim shorts, tanktop, and/or spunky t-shirt is a great way to go! Pair it with some accessories like a flannel, belt, and trendy “cowboy” hat.

Nashville Daytime Casual Outfit Ideas - Pinterest Board by Roam Often

Outfit #2: Nighttime Fabulous

At night, it is easy to glam up whether you’re going out to a real fancy restaurant or some bars. Crank up the heat by styling a leather jacket with a gorgeous dress or pair a cute top with a patterned skirt, throwing in that cowboy hat again!

Nashville Style - Nighttime Fabulous Looks - Pinterest Board by Roam Often

Outfit #3: Honky Tonk Heaven

Don’t think we weren’t going to show you some hip and trendy ways to style those cowgirl boots! Pair it with your favorite denim skirt or anything denim that you have, or rock it out Carrie Underwood style with a stunning boho-chic dress.

Nashville Honky Tonk Heaven Outfits - Pinterest by Roam Often

You are all set for your next trip to Nashville! But, we have one last tip before you go — no outfit is complete without your favorite accessories, so make sure you’re traveling with them! Don’t forget to pack it all in your travel jewelry case so you don’t waste valuable country line dancing time on trying to untangle all the necklaces and bracelets from each other.

For more ideas on what to wear in Nashville or other adventures, follow us on Pinterest for inspiration! 

Roam often, stay stylish.

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