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What to Wear in Austin, TX

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What to Wear in Austin, TX

Let’s face it — it can get pretty hot in Texas. It gets up to the mid-90s in the summers, and let’s not forget humidity! But, if you plan on visiting between March and May or September and November, we’ve compiled the perfect packing list for your next adventure to Austin. It’s a lively town with plenty to do, so knowing what you’ll be packing is crucial for those gorgeous Insta moments.


Golden hour in some cowboy boots? Sign us up!

Texas Style Tips to Follow

Taking in the country music scene and making some time to two-step to live music? We’ve got the outfit. Walking the streets and just enjoying the music and the food? We’ve got outfits for that, too. Average temperatures in the spring and fall can range from low-70s to mid-80s, so we suggest double checking the weather app before making any commitments. 

Austin is the most casually chic city in Texas. The style is relaxed and trendy, but there’s still that country flair. Distressed denim pants and shorts with a simple top, complemented by a sun hat or fedora, go a long way. If you love your cowboy boots, this is the perfect place to bust them out for a night on the town.

 Girl in cowboy hat looking back at camera, in Austin

3 Outfit Inspirations for Austin, TX

As we said, you can never go wrong with a pair of cowboy boots and denim shorts. But, if you’re looking to make the most of your time in Austin by kicking things up a notch, here are some fun outfit inspirations based on what you’ll be doing for the day.

Austin Outfit #1: Daytime Casual

There are plenty of ways to look trendy chic whether it stays in the 70s or creeps up to 90 degrees. There are plenty of ways to style denim shorts or skirts, pairing them with a cute top or throwing on that sun hat. If you’re feeling a little inspired by the Texas south, you can also style a pair of jean overalls. 


Austin Outfit #2: Night on the Town

When the sun goes down, the girls come out! Getting glammed up is one of the best parts of vacation! Printed and leather skirts are always a good move. To keep yourself cool on a more humid night, a cute, floral sundress is also a solid choice!

Austin Outfit #3: Festival Fever

Planning on going to the Austin City Limits Festival and need ideas for some stylish Austin City Limits outfits? Festivals are all about staying comfortable but melting in with the vibes and the atmosphere. Plunging necklines, vibrant patterns, and anything with knit fabric will blend you right in.

You are ready for a weekend in Austin… after one more thing! The best outfits, especially for a festival, are only complete with your favorite fashion accessories. Don’t forget them! Once you pick out your musts, make sure you store them safely in your travel jewelry case so you don’t ruin them or get them all tangled. 

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