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What to Wear in Sedona, AZ

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What to Wear in Sedona, AZ

Sedona is probably one of the most beautiful places in the Southwest. Just outside the Valley and only a few hours from places like San Diego and Las Vegas, this is a weekend getaway your senses are begging to go on.


During March and May, the temperature is perfect for being so close to the desert. You’re looking at an average of 60-80 degrees during this time. If you go during the rainy months, the Red Rock views are vibrant from the rainfall. From wine tasting to hiking, there’s so a variety of activities for you to do.

Sedona Style Tips to Follow

If you’re going to Sedona, you may need to bring a couple of different types of outfits based on what you’re doing. If you’re going in March, you want to make sure to bring a light jacket or pants because of the nice, sunny days and cool nights. When it’s May and getting closer to June, you may even be able to bring a bathing suit with how hot it gets to take a dive in the pool. 

Sedona and Arizona are in the heart of the Southwest, which is exactly the type of style you can get used to. No matter the time of year, you want to have layers and light, canvas clothing will be your best friend. You can even get away with sporting some cowboy boots and a cute sundress.

Back of girl wearing sunhat and sundress looking towards red rocks in Sedona

3 Outfit Inspirations for Sedona, AZ

Like we said, layers are crucial in Arizona no matter what time of the year you go. During the days, the sun is hot and when the sun disappears at night, the desert cold comes out. Here are a few outfit inspirations based on what you’re doing and the time of year you decide to go.

Sedona Outfit #1: Daytime Casual

Whether you’re doing a tour of the wineries or enjoying a nice lunch on the porch, these outfits won’t do you wrong. Anything flowy will keep you cool in the the heat and will be easy to pair with a jacket. A patterned sundress or some canvas pants are perfect for a day out.

Sedona Outfit #2: Hiking in the Rocks

If Sedona is known for anything, it's the scenic hikes through the red rock and desert where you get some amazing views. Like any hike, make sure you have the right shoes. Not saying you need hiking boots, but gym shoes will do. As long as you don’t plan on climbing the rock, that should do.

Sedona Outfit #3: Day by the Pool

If you visit closer to the summer, going to a pool is a must. Staying in Sedona, most resorts and hotels have gorgeous views just from the pools and from balconies, so having a couple margaritas or claws by the pool is a great way to spend an early afternoon.

If you’re going to Sedona, we have to admit — we’re a little jealous. But, with these outfit inspos, you are definitely ready. AFTER, this one last thing! For those days at the winery or even for when you’re sitting poolside, make sure your favorite jewelry pieces are protected in a travel jewelry case.

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