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What to Wear in NYC

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What to Wear in NYC

The Big Apple, The City of Dreams, The City that Never Sleeps — when it comes to New York City, the possibilities are endless. Whether you’re simply mesmerized by the city’s soaring skyscrapers and monuments, or you’re blown away by its flourishing arts, food, fashion, and nightlife scenes, there are so many things to do and so many different occasions. Packing can seem nearly impossible.

Below, we’ll help you pack for your trip to New York City with some outfit inspirations, especially if you plan to go between April and June for the beautiful spring season or September to November for a gorgeous fall backdrop.

New York Style Tips

New York City is arguably one of the world’s biggest fashion hubs. Between the celebrities, models, and fashion gurus that call the city home, packing for a trip like this can be intimidating. On top of that, everything that you can accomplish in New York requires a different type of wardrobe. As for style, New Yorkers stick to a chic, sophisticated style that can take them from day to night. Follow our Pinterest board for New York City to guide you in finding out our top 3 outfit inspirations below.

Girl standing on rooftop of high rise in NYC

3 Outfit Inspirations for NYC

Do you plan on spending your mornings browsing the museums and catch a stunning view of the city from the Top of the Rock Observation Deck? Or, maybe you’ve got big plans and managed to snag some tickets to an award-winning Broadway show. Regardless of what you may be doing, we’ve got three categories to help you plan your outfits without overpacking.

NYC Outfit #1: Daytime Exploring

New Yorkers dress for comfort but always add a nice touch or two. Balance relaxed clothing with more structured pieces and layer strategically. A baggy boyfriend t-shirt with some distressed mom jeans and a pair of loafers, is a perfect example of what to wear when you’re exploring in the daytime.

NYC Outfit #2: Dinner & Drinks

If you have an evening planned wandering the halls of a museum like the Guggenheim before feasting on an ethnic fare in Chinatown or Little Italy, you might want to add a little more flair to your outfit of the day. A fitted dress or skirt and top combo in solid neutral colors, or minimal print says classic New York, chic and sophisticated.

NYC Outfit #3: Night on Broadway

It’s hard to visit New York and not go see a show on Broadway, or at least walk up and down actual Broadway. If you plan on hopping over to one of the low-key rooftop bars and jazz clubs afterward, we’ve got a few outfit tips that work for both. You can never go wrong with a pair of leather (or pleather) leggings, pants or skirts. If leather isn’t your thing, a stunning statement dress is always a must.

Enjoy your time in The Big Apple! When it’s time to pack, make sure you keep all your jewelry safe, secure, and tangle-free by packing it all in a travel jewelry case. The last thing you want to do is spend valuable site-seeing time trying to get your necklaces untangled from your bracelets.

For more ideas on what to wear in NYC and other adventures, follow us on Pinterest for inspiration!

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