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What to Wear to a Broadway Show

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What to Wear to a Broadway Show

Are you headed to the Great White Way? Whether you’re seeing a Broadway show in NYC or a traveling production in your hometown, picking out your outfit is half the fun (The other half, of course, is gabbing about your favorite actor or song during intermission).

While it’s customary to dress up for the opera or a ballet, there’s a bit more wiggle room when it comes to the show business of Broadway. Here are our tips for navigating Broadway's dress code.

Are you seeing a matinee or evening show?

It’s customary to dress up a bit more for an evening show, as you’ll find yourself attending with more adults. People dress up for matinees, as well, but there are more families and children around, so it feels less fancy.

Ultimately, it’s about what makes you feel good. If you want to go all out, go for it! You’ll stand out, you’ll feel glamorous, and you’ll certainly be dressed for the occasion. 

But, feel free to skip the evening gown. The key thing is to look put together, so leave your cut-off jeans and flip flops at home. 

As for accessories, bolder jewelry looks great for an evening show, but you may want to keep it more low-key for the matinee. Read our post for more tips on pairing jewelry with your outfit.

If you’re heading from the show to dinner, or vice versa, be prepared for a jewelry quick change. A travel jewelry case like The Wanderer fits right in your purse to make this easy!

Woman standing on a Broadway stage in a dressDress up to the nines… 

Whether you go day or night, it’s definitely an event to go to a Broadway show, and many people like to dress up a bit. After all, it’s the theater, dahling. 

We recommend pants and a nice blouse, or a dress. Longer hemlines are more appropriate for theater shows, cutting off at the knee or lower. Top it off with a classy pair of heels and stylish purse. 

...or keep it casual

While daytime shows have a more casual scene, it’s still Broadway. Pretend you’re dressing up for a fancy brunch. Jumpers, maxi skirts, and cute dresses are perfect. 

If you’re more of a pants girl, you can get away with wearing jeans to a matinee Broadway show; just make sure they look nice. We recommend a dark wash.  

Get your cosplay on

If you’re more goofy than glamorous, lean into it. Broadway shows are the ideal venue for showing off your musical-inspired outfit. 

Some people even cosplay as characters in the play they are seeing. It’s fun and will definitely draw the attention your way—so be ready to pose for pictures with strangers!

Take a look at these ladies who dressed up as their favorite characters on Broadway! Can you name them?

Don’t skimp on comfort

Here’s the thing to remember with Broadway shows: you’re going to be sitting for a while, and when you’re standing up, you’re either going to be standing in a line or climbing up and down stairs.

So, make sure that what you are wearing makes you feel as comfortable as possible. To that end, go with a comfy pair of heels over your jaw-dropping stilettos. Lower heels still lend your outfit a sense of chic, without sacrificing comfort.

Finally, bring along a pretty cardigan (for dresses and skirts) or a sharp blazer (for pants). These can instantly dress up your outfit, and keep you warm in those chilly theaters!

Follow us on Pinterest for more Broadway outfit inspiration! Enjoy the show.

Roam often, stay stylish.

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