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What to Wear to a Club

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What to Wear to a Club

Heading out for a girls’ night at the club?

Whether you’ll be drinking, dancing, or (let’s be honest) a little bit of both, the nightlife has its own signature style. 

Read on for tips on what to wear to your club tonight.

1. Check the dress code

It’s always a good idea to check the club website or Yelp for any attire restrictions, especially if you’re going somewhere more upscale. Typically, as long as you are wearing a dress and heels, you’re okay. Men have other restrictions, though, so you may want to double-check for your date!

Other than that, club looks are about fun and embracing the nightlife. We love any kind of club dress that hugs the body, from sexy minis to bodycon numbers. Off-the-shoulder tops and dresses are flattering on almost anyone, and deep V-necks are a way to pump up the volume. 

Jumpsuits, leggings, and jeans are good alternatives for those chillier nights, or if you want to twerk to your heart’s content.

Women dancing at a night club2. Dress to dance

Boots may be made for walking, but clubs are made for dancing. Whatever you wear, you want it to allow you to move without worries. Something without much restriction is ideal.

The best way to know if your outfit is club-ready is to pregame at your home. We’re not talking about cocktails. Dance around to one of Spotify’s Pop playlists and see how your body moves! If your mini tends to ruche up, or if your dress feels too tight, try another outfit.

3. Go on with your sparkly self

Unless you’re headed to your local Coyote Ugly, sparkles are always welcome at a club. If you’re headed to a club in Vegas, they’re practically required. Bust out your favorite sequin dress, or, if you’re wearing jeans, pair them with a sparkly tank.

There’s something about sparkles that gets you in the clubbing state of mind. Plus, they draw attention. As the lights bounce around the walls and ceiling, everyone will be admiring how they sparkle and bounce off you!

You can always glam up your look with sparkly jewelry. Fashion pieces featuring cubic zirconias or shiny metals add a bit of luxe to any club outfit. Read this for tips on what jewelry to wear with your outfit.

Women clubbing and dancing in a cute black dress4. Don’t throw your good sense out the door

Heels rule the club scene. Strappy stilettos are a favorite, as your bare feet make your legs look even longer (and you get to show off your cute pedicure!) Opt for quality brands so you don’t break your heel after an hour. 

For cooler nights, thigh-high boots look just as sexy as stilettos, whether you pair them with jeans, tights, or bare legs.

We recommend taking your heels out for a test run first. If you’re hitting up your favorite club, you already know you’ll be there all night. So, make sure your heels are built to last by dancing around your house for an hour on a random weeknight or taking a heels dance class!

One more pro-tip: Pack flats in your car, or leave a pair with the coat check. Trust us, you’ll be thanking yourself later! 

5. A clutch is your friend

Finally, no club look is complete without a small purse. Some clubs have hidden compartments at the table to hide your purse. But other than that, you should plan to hold yours while dancing. That's why you should bring a small one. 

Fortunately, you won’t have too much to carry around. All you really need to bring to a club is your phone, lipstick or gloss, your ID, credit card, and a few dollars for parking or tips. Mints are a smart choice, too, if you want to freshen up that post-cocktail breath.

A travel jewelry case like The Wanderer is perfect for this. With its 5” x 7” profile and vegan black leather exterior, it’s big enough to carry your essentials, while still being sleek and stylish enough to look good and match any club outfit. Plus, you can store your hoops if they get in the way of your hairography!

Want more club outfit ideas? Get inspired with our Pinterest board!

Roam often, stay stylish.

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