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What to Wear in Park City, Utah

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What to Wear in Park City, Utah

Park City is Utah’s best-known ski town. Surrounded by mountains, it’s bordered by the Deer Valley Resort and the giant Park City Mountain Resort, which are both known for their ski slopes. With that being said, the best times to visit Park City are between December and March, especially since the ski season runs directly during that time. But, even if you’re not a big fan of skiing, there are plenty of other snow activities to do from ice skating and tubing to sleigh rides through town.

Style Tips in Park City, Utah

No matter what you’re visiting for, skiing and snowboarding or not, it may seem a little difficult to get some cute pictures when you feel like the Stay Puft marshmallow all bundled up in layers. With that being said, the typical style in Park City is very casual, so you won’t have to worry about pulling off a clubbing dress when it's 30 degrees and snowing. Don’t worry though, because we’ve got a bunch of outfit inspirations that will keep you warm and still have you looking like a queen in a winter wonderland.

Girl blowing snow from her gloves

3 Outfit Inspirations for Park City, Utah

Visiting Park City in the winter means breaking out the cute winter jackets, snow boots, and beanies. Between December and March, it can reach an average of 35-45 degrees during the day but hit down to 14 degrees at night. From the slopes to a snowy night photoshoot, read on for more outfit inspirations for the best trip.

Park City Outfit #1: Hitting the Slopes

What is more Instagram worthy than taking a picture on the top of a mountain, showing off your ski or snowboarding skills? Nowadays, all of the professional snow sport brands have come out with so many different styles of snow pants and jackets that have great comfort and insulation. On top of that, they make them more form-fitting and flexible now so you feel good and stay warm.

Park City Outfit #2: Thawing Out by the Fire

After a long day of skiing, snowboarding, tubing, and other fun snow adventures, there are some days you might just want to thaw out with the family and a nice cup of hot chocolate (or a mulled cider if you ask us). This is the time to break out those beanies with the pom-poms and your knitted, cozy rompers. Another great outfit to stay warm but still be picture ready is a plush, oversized sweater or crew neck.

Park City Outfit #3: Snowy Night Out

There are plenty of great restaurants, breweries, and wineries to visit in Park City. They’ve even gotten really creative, letting you dine outside during the winter in insulated and heated alpenglobes and igloos. For these nights out, we know you want to get a little more dressed up, so we’ve got a few tips and ideas. Since you’ll be inside (or, at least in something heated), you can bundle up for the walk to and from the car and have that great outfit on underneath. We suggest a long, knitted sweater or sweater dress paired with some leggings, boots, and maybe even a cute scarf to go with it.

Park City is a fun place to be in the winter. The vibes are fun and exciting, and the views are even better. No matter when you plan to visit, we have plenty of outfits on our Pinterest board. Follow us for your trip to Utah or other amazing places.

For all your winter accessories and jewelry, make sure to store them safely in your suitcase with a travel jewelry case. The last thing you want is for anything to fall out of small openings in a bag and get lost in the snow.

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