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What to Wear to a Holiday Party

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What to Wear to a Holiday Party

It’s that time of year again. It’s time to plan out your gifts, hang the tinsel and lights, and figure out what to wear to this year’s holiday party.

You may even have multiple affairs to attend this year, from your friend’s backyard shindig to your company’s cocktail event. Whatever type of holiday party you’re going to, we’ve got outfit ideas. So, read on or watch the video!


What to wear to a company holiday party

This one seems the most straightforward, as most companies include dress attire on the invite. But there’s always a few unwritten rules about dressing for a holiday party at your workplace (or your date’s, if you’re going as a plus-one). Here’s what to wear to impress.

Start with what the invite says. If it says cocktail attire, wear cocktail attire. If it’s casual, be casual. 

Then, modify to make your holiday party outfit work-appropriate. Stay away from plunging necklines, mini skirts, exposed backs, and anything else that’s just a little too sexy. We love these outfit ideas:

  • Wear a velvet dress and a pair of pumps. A midi dress is classy, elegant, and always in style. Plus, velvet adds a wintry holiday touch.
  • Buck the traditional with a stylish jumpsuit in a solid color you love. The single color choice will look sophisticated, and you can still stand out with a knockout pair of heels and a sparkly necklace or earrings.
  • Get festive with a sweater top and black dress pants. Avoid any patterns that are too wild. A bit of shimmery fabric is all you need.
Holiday Party Outfit - Roam Often

What to wear to a holiday family gathering

If the party is at your house, you already know what to wear. It’s your fam! But if you’re going to a holiday party at a friend’s or partner’s house, you want to make a good impression. 

Similar to a work event, you want to opt for something more tasteful and reserved, just in case there are any sensitive folks around. Here are a few outfit ideas:

  • Get cute and cozy with a sweater dress and tall boots. Pick a dress in a solid color or with a simple pattern. It’ll go great with suede (or faux suede) boots.
  • Stay snug with a pretty sweater paired with a pencil skirt. Either one of those can be patterned; just not both. Keep your feet warm in booties!
  • Show off your fashion sense with patterned pants. Plaids and houndstooth are particularly festive. Top them off with a nice sweater or blouse in a cream, navy, red, hunter green, or gray.
Holiday Party Outfits - Roam Often

What to wear to a holiday party with friends

Now for the funnest event of all! A holiday party with your friends is your time to shine — literally and figuratively. Bust out the sparkles and wear whatever makes you feel festive, merry, and even a little sexy.

Try on these outfit ideas:

  • Pump up the glam with sequins, shimmers, and sparkles. Wear your favorite pair of skinny jeans, or find ones with a glittery trim. Or, pair some shimmery leggings with an off-the-shoulder sweater.
  • Feel free to be a little flirty. Cocktail dresses, rompers, and dress shorts with shiny tops will get you in the holiday spirit. 
  • Go for bold. Stun with something that’s just a bit different, whether that’s a velour jumpsuit, or a classic black dress under a red trench coat.

Want even more holiday party outfit ideas? Check out our Pinterest board! 

Roam often, stay stylish.

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