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What to Wear to Palm Springs

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What to Wear to Palm Springs

Streets lined with palm trees, walls of painted brick, and the desert mountains as your backdrop… it’s like Palm Springs was made for Instagram. Now all you need to do is figure out what you’re going to wear.

Easier said than done, right? Nope! It really is easy with our short-and-sweet style guide for Palm Springs. 

Read on for outfit ideas that look fab anywhere in Palm Springs, whether you’re staying at the hip Ace Hotel or the ultra-colorful Saguaro.



Palm Springs style tips to follow

We’ll get into specific Palm Springs outfit ideas below, but first, here’s what you need to know. 

  • It’s all about colors that pop. Bright, tropical hues like pinks, oranges, and reds look beautiful by the pool or the palms. So does white. Make bold your color scheme.
  • Pack some sunglasses and a hat. That desert sun isn’t kidding around! Plus, a floppy hat always looks good.
  • Feel free to go a little retro. You’ll spot retro styles and prints everywhere in Palm Springs. Whether you’re a 1970s flower child or a 1950s pinup, lean into it!
  • Stay cool and refreshed. Pooltime is a must-do on any Palm Springs itinerary. Make the most of yours with a Yeti thermos. Bonus points if you bring your own float!
  • Let your locks hang loose. There’s something freeing about being in the desert. Tap into the feeling with wavy hairstyles. 
  • The desert gets chilly at night. Even if you’re visiting during the blazing hot summer, you might want a light wrap for the evening. Stay cozy on winter visits with a blanket scarf. It’ll keep you warm at VillageFest, the nighttime street fair every Thursday. 

4 totally cute outfit ideas that scream Palm Springs

Now that you’ve got the style rules of the road, simply apply them to your own wardrobe! 

Still looking for some specific outfit ideas? We’ve got you. Here’s what to wear in Palm Springs. 

Outfit #1: Daytime casual

Keep it chic but chill during the day with a crop top paired with a skirt, denim shorts, or paperbag pants. Block or wedge sandals complete the look. As for color, choose your adventure: solids, florals, or tropical print.

Daytime Casual Looks for Palm Springs - Roam Often

Outfit #2: Nighttime fabulous

At night, glam it up with a flowy maxi dress or jumpsuit and strappy sandals. Bold colors and fun patterns will stand out at brunch, an upscale dinner, or by the pool.

Nighttime Fabulous Palm Springs Outfits - Roam Often

Outfit #3: Poolside glam

Speaking of the pool, show off your style in your go-to bathing suit. Or, you can go vintage with a knotted bandeau bikini top or banded one-piece. Top it off with a pretty cover-up.

Poolside Glam Palm Springs Outfits - Roam Often

Outfit #4: Radical retro

Remember, retro is totally in in Palm Springs, so opt for 60s- and 70s-styles prints with flowing tunics, dresses, or blouses paired with boots.

Radical Retro Palm Springs Outfits - Roam Often


You’re all set for Palm Springs, sister! We’ll give you one last tip before you pack: don’t forget your travel jewelry case and a hair tie bangle for the pool.

For more ideas of what to wear in Palm Springs, follow our Pinterest board!

Roam often, stay stylish.

Girls Road Trip to Palm Springs - Roam Often
And here's an infographic in cause you want to pin and save!
Palm Spring Outfit Ideas Infographic

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