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5 Types of Earrings You Should Have

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5 Types of Earrings You Should Have

Earrings are the best, aren’t they? They might be the one piece of jewelry that can truly go it alone when it comes to accessorizing

With a knockout pair of earrings, who needs a bracelet or necklace? Although, earrings can take a backstage role, too. It’s all up to you. 

Your earrings can peek out from behind your hair when you wear it down, or they can be the main event when you’re rocking a ponytail or pixie cut.

That’s what’s so wonderful about earrings. For every mood, style, and outfit, there’s a perfect earring to match. 

If you’re sick of wearing the same old pair of earrings, read on or watch the video! We share the five types of earrings you got to have in your collection, plus a few fun options for those who like to stay on-trend.



1. Simple studs 

Everyone needs a classic pair of studs to wear with your everyday outfits. A lot of people like keeping earrings in at all times and studs are all about that life. 

They may be simple and small, but there are styles to suit every personality, from classic circles and pearls to miniature gems and intricate designs. 

Pro Tip: Make sure your studs have gold or silver backings to avoid them tarnishing or turning green from the shower or pool. (Or, stick a Post-It note in your bathroom reminding you to take yours off!) 

2. High-quality dangles

You want a fabulous pair (or two, or three) of dangles for those fancy dinners and weddings. These don’t have to be fine jewelry, but they should definitely have a bit of shine.

Choose dangles made of silver, gold, beads, or gems. Wear them whenever you want to take your outfit to the next level. 

3. Funky dangles

Who wants to reserve dangles just for fancy events? Not us! 

We’re all about loading up your jewelry drawer with oversized and funky dangles to wear at brunch, or to take around the world with you on a cruise or the streets of London

Dangles are more upscale than your basic everyday studs, but they really bring on the color.

Women wearing dangle earrings

4. Pearl or diamond earrings

We know, we know. Could we be more cliche? 

But, trust us, you’ll love having a pair of pearl or diamond earrings to throw on whenever you’re in a pinch. These add a touch of elegance that dresses up any outfit, and they go with literally everything. 

5. Hoop earrings

Hoops come in all shapes and sizes, and we don’t discriminate. Choose whichever ones make you feel fabulous. You can go with a pair of chunky oversized tortoiseshells, ultra-thin metal hoops, or even adorable little Huggies (these are those mini hoops that hug your ear).

Trendier earrings options

There you have it: the five types of earrings everyone needs. 

Although, if you’ve looked around at all the past few years, you may have noticed earrings have enjoyed quite the renaissance! There are so many new earring types to wear, but the following three are our favorites. Whether they wane in popularity or become timeless classics, why not rock them while they’re hot?

  • Ear jackets aren’t exactly new, but they’ve become super fashionable lately thanks to all the celebs who love them. Also known as front back earrings, these are like two earrings in one. You can wear the stud on its own, or add the back half for some va-va-voom.
  • Cuff earrings are like mini bracelets just for your ear. They wrap around your ear lobe. If you love a lot of bling and shine on your ears, you’ll love wearing these along with a pair in your pierced holes. Speaking of which, with cuff earrings, everyone gets to wear earrings, even if their ears aren’t pierced!
  • Threaded earrings are made for those of us who hate having those pesky backings poke our necks. These chic chains loop through your pierced hole and dangle freely. If you have multiple earring holes, you can even loop them through multiple times!

With all these earrings, you’ll need an earring case to keep them safe. Meet The Wanderer. It’s a travel jewelry case with an earring bar for your threaded earrings or studs, plus pockets for larger dangles and hoops. With its luxe vegan leather exterior, it can double as your purse, too, whether you’re headed on a first date after work or globetrotting the world.

Get more earring inspiration on our Pinterest board!

Roam often, stay stylish.

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