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What to Wear in Canada

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What to Wear in Canada

If you have a trip to Canada in place, you are in for a treat! The country is vast, home to 16 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and 4 cities with more than a million people living in them. Whether you plan on visiting Nova Scotia, Ontario, or Quebec, there are plenty of things to do and see. 

Summer is the busiest time of year, to avoid the crowds and higher flight prices, a great time to visit is in the fall between September through November. The weather cools down, but it is still comfortable. You’ll be able to catch the changing, red leaves that Canada is famous for but still miss the crowds and the cold. For your trip, we’ll help you pick out some great outfits that are perfect for Canada’s fall.

Canada Style Tips

Canada is such a large country, meaning so much culture to explore. It is full of designers, musicians, and artists which means a robust fashion environment. It is home to many fashion trends that have been adopted by many worldwide. Flannels, parkas, and boots are just some of the popular styles that people lean toward in Canada, especially during the fall.

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3 Outfit Inspirations for Canada

Canada is a huge country with different landscapes from coast to coast. Depending on which part of the country you’re visiting, make sure you pack for the right temps. The number one tip is to bring plenty of layers, especially if you plan on hopping from city to city, even in the summer. That’s why some of the mentioned staple pieces above that are part of Canada’s style are perfect for the fall. 

Canada Outfit #1: Layered Jeans

Jean jackets and jean button-ups are great items that can be paired and layered with nearly anything. Perfect for traveling to and from the airport or a day browsing the local scenes, you can pair it with joggers, capris, shorts, and any color jeans. Not only can it keep you warm, but it's easy to cuff sleeves or wrap around the waist if you get too warm. 

Canada Outfit #2: Long Trench Coats

Trench coats are another fashion trend for the cooler fall, no matter where you’re traveling. In Canada, not only do they work great for diverting the wind off of you but they can also keep you dry during a bit of rain. Trench coats can be easily styled with shirts, sweaters, dresses, and pants. 

Canada Outfit #3: Stylish Vests

To stay warm, sometimes all you need is a little something extra at the center of your body. That’s when vests come in handy. Vests can be fun to style, giving you a little more freedom to show off what you’re wearing underneath and giving you more movement in your arms. You can take the route of the standard, feathered vest or go full out with a faux fur vest. 

Canada is a fun place to be, and there is plenty to do. Whether you’re driving or flying, you’ll need a secure way to transport all your accessories and jewelry, so make sure you pack your travel jewelry case. This way, you don’t have to spend valuable time untangling necklaces from each other.


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