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What to Wear in Santa Fe, NM

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What to Wear in Santa Fe, NM

Renowned for its Pueblo-style architecture and as a creative arts hotbed, Santa Fe is a city unlike others. With legendary history and culture, the city has been dubbed “The City Different” for its extravagant art scene, locally-inspired accommodations, award-winning cuisine, and countless experiences. There are many things to do in Santa Fe from good eats to historical museums.

During September and November is one of the most popular times to visit Santa Fe. The heat finally drops below 80s, reaching from the 50s to the 70s. While the spring time reflects similar weather, there are more festivals that happen in the fall to make it an even better time to visit, like the 300-year old tradition of the Fiesta de Santa Fe.

Santa Fe Style Tips to Follow

When packing to visit Santa Fe, especially between the months listed above, think layers. While the daytime in September may be in the 70s, the night time is victim to the desert cold, dropping down to the 40s after sunset.

In terms of dress, anything goes. For the most part, it’s a very casual town, but both visitors and locals can be seen adorning turquoise, silver, and a fabulous pair of cowgirl boots and a hat. To blend with its artsy style, think bohemian with a Southwestern twist.

Girl standing, holding cowgirl hat on top of her head staring off into the distance, back turned

3 Outfit Inspirations for Santa Fe, NM

As we mentioned, layers are important when visiting Santa Fe in the fall. Make sure you pack some sweaters and jackets, as well as a cozy pair of pants for the night time. Here are a few outfits to inspire your wardrobe based on your excursions. 

Santa Fe Outfit #1: Daytime Casual

Whether you’re exploring the local sites or visiting all the different museums, these outfits won’t do you wrong. Anything paired with a jacket or cardigan is perfect, but give it a little flair with some accessories or a hat and you’re ready for all the pictures to document the day.

Santa Fe Outfit #2: Night of Cuisine

Santa Fe is popular for some of its amazing cuisine. Getting glammed up for a night or two for dinner is the best part of a vacation. Break out the patterned skirts, leather pants, and some cozy chic outfits to enjoy your dinner no matter the restaurant.

Santa Fe Outfit #3: Fall Harvest Fun 

Fall harvests and festivals are popular in Santa Fe. Specifically in September, for more than 300 years, the Santa Fe Fiesta Council proudly invites people from all over to celebrate historic Santa Fe culture with events that highlight the arts, talents, and history of the area. If you plan on attending this one or one of the other many festivals, here are some outfits to wear.

The City Different is a cultural gem in the Southwest. With these outfit inspirations, you can’t go wrong preparing for your trip. When packing, don’t forget to store all your favorite accessories in a travel jewelry case so you don’t waste valuable time untangling your necklaces when you could be spending it exploring the city.

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